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BZB PublishingThe Entertainment Magazine web site (emol.org), through its publishing company BZB Publishing, is now publishing books on a variety of topics for self-published authors.

On demand publishing is the practical way for small publishers to produce media. Publishing paperback books is much easier with on-demand publishing services such as CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

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These are the recent additions to BZB Publishing's book shelf. All full version paperback books are available at a discount on Amazon.com and digitally on Kindle at a much lower price than the print edition. Additional book titles are in preparation and will be announced here.

Places to purchase BZB books i Tucson, Arizona and internationally.

Take A Peak at BZB Books:

Entertaining Tucson by Robert Zucker"Entertaining Tucson"

By Robert E. Zucker (4 volume set). Thousands of entertainers and hundreds of bands have been through the local entertainment scene in Tucson, Arizona between the 1950s into the 2000s. Read about all of the local major rock ‘n roll, contemporary, country, western, punk, alternative, hard core, swing, Big Band, theatre, comedy and entertainment acts during those years. Revive that period of Tucson local music with articles, interviews and stories about the entertainers who performed in Tucson nightclubs and theatres across 50 years.

Treasures of the Catalinas, Robert Zucker"Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains"

By Robert E. Zucker, collaborated with Flint Carter. Legends of lost mines, lost cities and a lost mission in the Santa Catalina Mountains, North of Tucson, Arizona, have been passed down by word of mouth for generations. The most famous legend, the Iron Door Mine, helped launch the early American hunt for gold mining in Arizona during the 19th and early 20th century.

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert Zucker"Kabbalah's Secret Circles"

By Robert E. Zucker. Discover the hidden world of Jewish mysticism over the centuries, follow the development of the Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Creation and devise your own Kabbalah Wheel to permutate the 231 Gates. Learn the main principles of the Kabbalah (Qabalah) in the words of famous rabbis and authors.

Twilight of ConsciousnessTwilight of Consciousness

How to Control Your Deams with Astral Projection

"Twilight of Consciousness" by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker, examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple, easy to follow, techniques.

Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures Ron Quinn"Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures"

Two Year Odessey -
Found 82 lbs. of Gold!

By Mr. Ron Quinn. Treasure hunting in Southern Arizona with Ron Quinn, brother Chuck, and good friends and partners, Roy Purdie and Walt Fisher is a fun read and a great book for novice or seasoned treasure hunters. The four friends finally unearthed a medium-size treasure south of Tucson, Arizona, which consisted of 82 pounds of Spanish gold bullion. Other trips were made throughout the years, but none as lengthy as his first two year odyssey. Ron passed away in August 2016.

Mysterious Disappearances by Ron QuinnMysterious DisappearancesEMOL

By Ron Quinn. Collection of stories about odd and unusual occurrences, disappearing circumstances, sightings of little people, very strange and unexplained tales, and other mysterious phenomenon. Ron has explored and recorded odd activities, especially in upstate New York for decades.

"Traveling ShowRon QUinn"

By Robert E. Zucker. The Traveling Show is a collection of poems and artwork that ravels together a storyline of the lives of the people who pass through one’s life. Everyone has his or her own Traveling Show. As we interact with the people we meet, their influences on our lives shape the way we grow and how we perform. Some of those entertainers are just fancy dancers and those in search of rainbows. But, they may have the most profound effect on our lives.

Canyon of Gold Flint Carter"Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill & The Legendary Iron Door Mine"

By William "Flint" Carter. Follow the decades-long effort by Carter to prospect and mine the Cañada del Oro (Canyon of Gold) in the Santa Catalina Mountains for silver and gold.

Books By BZB Publishing

Read sample chapters from books by Robert E. Zucker:

Other books available through BZB:

Download Free Comic Books

James Babcock has been drawing comic books in Tucson for decades. He got his publishing start with the Youth Awareness Press, Tucson Teen and Magazine newspapers. Download free PDF comic cartoons, drawn by James Babcock and Richard Konkle.

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"The Hobbit" and its sequel -- are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, with pre-production beginning as soon as possible. Principal photography is tentatively set for a 2009 start, with the intention of "The Hobbit" release slated for 2010 and its sequel the following year, in 2011. More about the "Hobbit."

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Scholastic and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Make Publishing History With 8.3 Million Copies Sold In First 24 Hours

J.K. Rowling's Seventh and Final Harry Potter Novel, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, to Be Published on July 21, 2007 (2/1/07)

Harry Potter book 7: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" (12/21/06)

Small World Toys Closes Deal on Prestigious Dr. Seuss License (6/22/06)

New Borders.com Site On-Track to Debut in Early 2008. Read more...Borders to Expand Sale of the Reader Digital Book from Sony to its National Store Network and Will Launch Co-branded Version of Sony's e-book Store

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Star Jones Reynolds to Shine With Dress for Success in Seven U.S. Cities promoting the release of her latest book "Shine -- A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love" (1/10/06)

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Rick Springfield Collection' Celebrates Springfield's Return To General Hospital As Dr. Noah Drake

'Passing Time in the Loo' - new toilet reading

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Batman Producer Michael Uslan honored with Exhibit: Comics as Cultural Mythology

"Star Struck" A Novel by Pamela Anderson on the shelves

First Author-Signed American Edition of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Arrives at Scholastic's 'Harry Potter Place' Under Tight Security

'Harry Potter and Goblet Of Fire' Voted Best Book Children Have Ever Read

The Art of Batman Begins - Book now available

Final Stages of Printing and Distributing 10.8 Million Copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Preparation for July

Dick York: Still Magic of Bewitched

Movie Tie-In Book to the Film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Soundtrack Featuring Original Music by Award Winning Composer Danny Elfman to Be Released by Warner Sunset Records on July 12th

Madonna Launches The English Roses Website, englishrosescollection.com Based On Her #1 Best-Selling Children's Book

Madonna Brings Lotsa De Casha to Manhattan

The Art of Robots: step into your imagination

Warning: Lemony Snicket to Release 12th Book in A Series of Unfortunate Events on October 18, 2005

Mark Twain's 1835 Martin Guitar Valued at Over $15 million

Arthur Miller Received Posthumous Award at Anne Frank's 75th Birthday Tribute

The Record Industry is Terminally Ill

Famous Los Angeles Landmarks Prominently Featured in New Photographic History Book by George Jezek

Remembering the Original 'King of Late-Night' : Former Producer's Memoirs Offer Unique Look at Johnny Carson

ELVIS by THE PRESLEYS: Random House Announce Acquisition of the Unique and Revealing Book on Elvis Presley, as Told by His Ex Wife and Daughter

Spiritual Teacher’s Transformative Approach to Healing Presented for the First Time in "Kabbalistic Healing: A Path to an Awakened Soul" By Jason Shulman

Warner Books to Publish Book By Billy Crystal

Harbor Lights: Arizona poet leads "rocking chair adventure"

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