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Stern's Wharf Santa Barbara

Stern's Wharf is a major attraction at the south foot of State Street, in between the east and west beaches.

Built in 1872 for cargo and passenger ships, Stern's Wharf has weathered earthquakes and fires. During World War II, it was used by the military as a naval installation. Fire damaged the wharf in Nune 1986 and on November 18, 1998. Now, millions of people a year visit the wharf, its shops and restaurants.

The short walk to the end of the pier takes visitors on a stroll for site-seeing, craft shops and fresh seafood restaurants with ocean views from many tables. The wharf is home to The Museum of Natural History's Sea Center and Captain Don's Whale Watching excursions. See more Stern's Wharf Photos.

At the water's edge of Stern's Wharf seasoned fisherman spend their afternoons fishing and trapping.

This regular catches crabs, starfish and other assorted creatures.

(left) A starfish attached to a crab, "They're in love and can't let go," jests the fisherman.

(left) One of the crabs caught up in the fisherman's web. The covering on the crab is worms, most likely from hanging too close to the pier.

Visitors mingle with fisherman and birds all wanting the same thing- satisfaction. The excitement of the birds flocking to a flapping fish on the pier add to the excited visitor's who flock to the fisherman or woman trying to grab the wriggling catch.

Photos and videos: Robert Zucker

A casual walk along the wharf lets you take in the best of the Santa Barbara waterfront beauty, This short video gives a 360 degree view. The sound of a train whistle is heard in the background. The Amtrak station is a block away.

Birds digging for their dinner as the tide rushes out for a few moments trapping unsuspecting delicacies.

It's against the law to feed the birds, and strongly suggested not tp feed the homeless. But, some are just so creative. Here, someone asks for spare change by providing a work of sand art.

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