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California still has some timeshare presentations

While most time share companies have shifted their focus from selling ownerships to providing discount stays, there are a few options open.

Timeshare promotions usually involve an hour or more requirement to listen to a timeshare presentation in order to get a reduced rate on a destination site. That model has dried up with the economy.

Instead, former timeshare promos are now big discounts on "vacation clubs" or "vacation rentals."


Popular California destinations

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Timeshare promotions still popular

By Wendy Croix

California is still the second-hottest timeshare market in the U.S., exceeded only by Florida.

Two of the most popular Southwest timeshares are in Lake Tahoe, up north, and Palm Springs, in the south.

Palm Springs, CA Attractions

Whether it's golf and fine dining, eco-touring at Joshua Tree, or hot air ballooning, Palm Springs offers luxury vacation pleasures in a stunning desert oasis setting.

Though Palm Springs provides both leisure and city amenities, the area timeshares are selling at below the national average. In particular, resales offer bargains to savvy timeshare buyers.

California Timeshare Promotions and Vacation Packages

Savvy timeshare travelers learn the secret of getting the promotion goodies: they ask!

Sellers generally have more free tickets and discounts than they know what to do with, so after the promotional talks, buyers have a prime opportunity to ask the seller to sweeten the Lake Tahoe or Palm Springs vacation package experience with some additional meals and memories.

Whether you’re looking for desert or alpine beauty to be part of your vacation, be sure to look at what California has to offer.

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