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Eight Millimeter stars Nicolas Cage as Tom Welles, a surveillance specialist who stumbles onto a reel of film which turns his life upside down. This case pulls Welles from his family into a deep, dark and sorid world in search of the source of this small reel of eight millimeter film. Cage calls "Eight Millimeter" a journey film, a descent into hell, except we're not in the jungle. We're in our own backyard. This is happening all around us, at any given time, within the radius of a few square miles. Tom Welles is like a symbol of the collective conscious of the United States." (Columbia Pictures).

"Baby Geniuses"

In the secret underground world of BABYCO headquarters- a worldwide leader in infant care products- its founder and CEO, Dr. Elena Kinder (played by Kathleen Turner) discovers dramatic results in her research. Baby prodigies, or geniuses- are part of her research. Her associated Heep (Christopher Lloyd) and her used this discovery to tap into the infant and toddler brain power for their own personal wealth and power. One of the babies escape and chaotic adventures follow. (TriStar Pictures)

"The Deep End of the Ocean"

Jacquelyn Mitchnard's novel "The Deep End of the Ocean" was hailed a a modern masterpiece. Michelle Pfeiffer brings the 1996 novel to life in a story about the heartbreak of losing a child and the power of family to survive against the odds. (Columbia Pictures) March 12.

"Cruel Intentions"

Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sebastian (Ryan Phillips) are two wealthy, manipulative teenage siblings who conspire a wickidly tale of seduction and betrayal. The two agree on a wager of sexual conquest without any consequences. Adapted for the fourth screen play based on "Les Liasians Dangereuses," the classic Pierre Laclos novel first published in 1782. (Columbia Pictures) March 5.

Upcoming Releases:

Title Date Released Company
"Go" March 26, 1999 Columbia Pictures
"The Thirteenth Floor" April 9 Columbia Pictures
"Idle Hands" April 23 Columbia Pictures
"Dick" April 30 Columbia Pictures/Phoenix Pictures
"Crazy In Alabama" late spring Columbia Pictures
"Limbo" late spring Columbia Pictures
"Big Daddy" June 25 Columbia Pictures
"Muppets from Space" July 23 Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures
"Random Hearts" summer Columbia Pictures
"Universal Soldier II" Aug/Sept Columbia Pictures
"Hoofbeats" Aug/Sept Columbia Pictures
"Blue Streak" (tent) Aug 20 Columbia Pictures
"I Dreamed of Africa" Sept/Oct Columbia Pictures
"Jakob the Liar" Oct Columbia Pictures
"The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" Oct Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures/Children's Television Workshop
"Girl Interupted" Oct Columbia Pictures
"Joan of Arc" Nov Columbia Pictures
"All the Pretty Horses" Nov Columbia Pictures/Miramax
"Stuart Little" Dec 17 Columbia Pictures
"Hanging Up" Dec Columbia Pictures

More updates coming soon from additional film companies.

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