79th Academy Awards Fact Sheet:

(Photo: Left) 79th Academy Awards director Louis J. Horivitz (left) and Jean Hersolt Award honoree Sherry Lansing at rehearsals for the Academy Awards ® for outstanding film achievements of 2006. More Behind the Oscar's Scenes Gallery Photos.


Tom Hanks was a presenter for the 79th Academy Awards®. Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2006 presented on Sunday, February 25, 2007, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center®. The Oscars® was televised live by the ABC Television Network at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST), beginning with a half-hour red carpet arrivals segment, "The Road to the Oscars." Read more.

Number of eligible pictures for this year: 306
Number of countries submitting foreign language films: 61
Number of voting members: 5,830

Number of times Ellen DeGeneres has hosted the Academy Awards show: This will be her first time.
The week before the show, on what day will rehearsals with talent begin? Thursday

Number of seat fillers Approx. 250
Number of ushers / ticket takers inside the Kodak Theatreat Hollywood & Highland Center®: 40
Number of bleacher seats: 612

Number of people who work in the production office Approx. 300
Number of production vehicles / trailers (including press and catering)Approx. 100
Number of cameras used during the show :14 high-definition cameras for the pre-show: 20 high-definition cameras for the Academy Awards show
Number of crew members working during the pre-show Approx. 130
Number of crew members working during the telecast Approx. 350
Number of LED screens temporarily attached to the Hollywood & Highland Center for the show: 1
Communication Technology Stats (approximate) 302 general telephone lines: 42 ISDN lines; 67 DSL lines; 7 T1 lines; several hundred fiber-based video circuits

Number of 2005 features eligible for Best Picture award: 311
Telecast rating and share for 78th Academy Awards show Rating: 23.1 Share: 35

How many Americans watched the 78th Academy Awards show? (estimate)
Total audience: 76.6 million
Average audience: 38.9 million

Number of international broadcasters airing the 78th Oscar® telecast: 85
Estimated global viewership of 78th Academy Awards show: Several hundred million

Number of Oscar statuettes created for 78th Academy Awards: 50
Number of Oscar statuettes given out at the 78th Academy Awards (including statuettes given out at the Scientific and Technical Awards): 44 (including the Sawyer Award to Gary Demos, presented at the Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony)

Number of award categories for the 78th Academy Awards: 24 (not including Testimonial Awards or
Sci/Tech Awards)

Number of films that received Oscar nominations for 2005: 54 (40 feature films)

78th Academy Awards Press:

Number of press organizations requesting credentials: Almost 500
Total number of press credentials requested: About 3,000
Number of outlets receiving credentials: 277
Total number press credentials issued (including technical personnel): 1,896
Number of photographers on the red carpet: 102
Number of TV press on the red carpet, including camera operators, audio technicians and other crew: 286
Number of print reporters on the red carpet 101

The Oscar Statutette:

Total number of Oscar statuettes presented since the first Academy Awards: 2,622 (not including 79th

Number of Honorary Awards presented since the first Academy Awards (Oscar statuettes are presented to Honorary Award winners): 113
(not including Honorary

Awards to be presented at the 79th Oscars)
Height of Oscar statuette 13®ˆ inches
Diameter of Oscar statuette base 5®˘ inches
Weight of Oscar statuette 8®ˆ pounds

Oscar Telecast:

Best rating and share in the past 30 years
Best rating: 38.0 in 1983 (share: 59)
Best share: 68 in 1978 (rating: 36.3)

Latest telecast date in the past 20 years April 11, 1988 (60th Academy Awards)
Earliest telecast date in the past 20 years February 25, 2007 (79th Academy Awards)

Longest televised show 74th Academy Awards show, in 2002, with a running time of 4 hours, 23

Shortest televised show 31st Academy Awards show, in 1959, with a running time of 1 hour, 40

Date of first televised show March 19, 1953 (25th Academy Awards)
Date since which ABC has been the broadcaster of the Academy Awards (uninterrupted) March 29, 1976
(48th Academy Awards)
Total number of years that ABC has broadcast the Academy Awards: 42 (ABC was the broadcaster for a 10-year stint from the 33rd to 42nd Academy Awards, in addition to its current run)

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Oscar Venues:

Venue that has hosted the most Academy Awards presentations
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, with 25 Oscar shows

Number of Oscar shows hosted at the Kodak Theatre, including the 79th Academy Awards: 6
Seating capacity of the Kodak Theatre on Oscar night: 3,300
Length of the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre Approx. 500 feet
Width of the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre Approx. 33 feet

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Miscellaneous Oscar Trivia:

Person who has hosted the most Academy Awards shows Bob Hope, with 19 host appearances
Suggested length of acceptance speeches 45 seconds

Oldest Academy Awards show poster in the collection of the Margaret Herrick Library 32nd Academy Awards show poster (show on April 4, 1960 honoring films of 1959)

Size of most common set-dressing Oscar 34 in. diameter (base) 7®ˆ feet tall, 65 pounds

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Governors Ball

Date of the first Governors Ball March 26, 1958, following the 30th Academy Awards presentation. Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the Grand Ballroom ,Number of Governors Balls, including the 79th Academy Awards: 49

[The Governors Ball was not held for the 40th Awards] Since the first Governors Ball, following the 30th Academy Awards, number of times there has not been a Governors Ball: 1 (40th Academy Awards) Size of the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center 25,090 square feet.

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