Number of eligible pictures for this year 306
Number of countries submitting foreign language films 63
Number of voting members 5,829

Number of times Jon Stewart has hosted the Academy Awards show This will be his 2nd time. The week before the show, on what day will rehearsals with talent begin? Thursday

Number of seat fillers Approx. 250
Number of ushers / ticket takers inside the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center® 40

Number of bleacher seats 612
Number of people who work in the production office Approx. 300
Number of production vehicles / trailers (including press and catering) Approx. 100

Number of cameras used during the show 14 high-definition cameras for the red carpet arrivals segment

20 high-definition cameras for the Academy Awards show Number of crew members working during the red carpet arrivals segment
Approx. 130

Number of crew members working during the telecast Approx. 350 Number of LED screens temporarily attached to the Hollywood & Highland Center for the show: 2

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