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"One Park Place" - cabin in the Catalina Mountains Sign In Roser 1990-1996

"One Park Place" Sign In Roster: 1990-1996

When you come to the cabin, please keep it clean and respect others possessions and property. There is a sign in roster for you to stake your presence.

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Welcome! These supplies are for emergency use!!! Please do not trash this beautiful piece of nature or the shelter from the storm. The General P.S. Keep bedding on wires because of mice.

1/8-1990 The General & Richl

1/29/90 Just passin' thru - nice place, Good Luck! Chris Shaw (Mt. Lemmon Fire Dept.)
Ted Adair (U of A Observatory)

2-27-90 Joseph Wilson
2-27-90 McGyver
2/27/90 Rich from the Windy City
2/27/90 The General
3/20/90 The General & Mr. Bob
3/24/90 Ricky C. Heast (spelling?)
3/24/90 Shawn, Mr. Bob & General
3/27-28/90 Mr. Bob, Shawn, Mike & General
4/9/90 Enjoy! John Cooney
4/26/90 Troy G. Blackwell from Vegas & The General
5/20/90 Stuart Mendel (KA7FNQ Radio Op. Pima Co. Emergency Services (602) 747-1172) Guy (with Stuart)
5/30/90 Nice camp! (Oracle to Red Ridge Loop) Skip & Zenda, Tucson
7/20/90 Interesting - C.R. McLaughlin, Summerhaven Nice - D.L. McLaughlin, Summerhaven. Same here - T.R. McLaughlin,·Summerhaven
7/20/90 Nice place L. W. Auchard
8/9/90 "outrageous" Aaron and Linda
8/25/90 Michael Charles Montgomery, Tucson
9/21/90 John & Mossie Lie (part of page missing)


219/91 Paul Schmidt & David Walters
4110/91 Glad it's still here! Scott and Cynd
6/30/91 Thanks for the H20 and Bob the Kn_ & Gonzo
7/20/91 Southern AZ Hiking Club
8/22-23/91 "Assessment Work" S.P. Littler (Steve) Robert Ha (Bob)
9/22191 Enjoyed the stay George Mroczkowski 9/22/91 Enjoyed the country: beautiful Alan Taylor
9/22/91 Keep Please Robert Ha"
9/22/91 Keep on, The General & Kathy
9/28/91 Dan & Hooter (The Loop)
10/6/91 The Maggie's Paw Group wI Kamiack
10/6/91 Joel, Marci, rains (?)
10/26/91 Don Batta & Pete Yonsetto


4/11/92 Keep it just like it is, Ed Neubauer - Oracle 4/16/92 Lots of rain today! Scott & Cyn-d and the llamas
4/25/92 Jim Nekon
4/25/92 Ed Neubauer
4/28/92 Neil & Ben Finch
5/2192 Great Walter Watson
5/12/92 This time Linda couldn't make it Aaron with Norma
5/16/92 Better 2nd time Walter Watson
5/16/92 Jeff Arrowsmith
5/16/92 N.JOY ARIZONA Bob Banghart
6/29/92 Lost Hiker's Search (successful) , S.A.R.A. John Sims, searcher Greg Roy, searcher
9/18/92 Paul Hardy
9118192 Backpacking from Dan's Saddle to Oracle, Jason Ashbrook
9/19/92 Ian Whyte
9/26/92 Darll Larry Shipley
9/26/92 John, Medley
9/27/92 Jim Klein
10/3/92-2:45 pm Jim Roberts, Oracle
1019/92 Jim Thompson Merle Watts John Bonefas Roger Sather Don Fletcher
10/24/92 Robert Hall


3/23/93 Thanks! Just in time for the rain. Peter McBride
5/8193 Great cabin! So AZ Hiking Club
7/25/93 SAHC (8 hikers)
8/4193 Robert & Rom
7/8/93 Lin Fadden
7/8/93 Rob Cushman
8/18/93 & Paul & Lisa
9/18/93 Catalina Cross-Country
10/12/93 Just passing by! Rich & Kate
10/22/93 Had to show her! Aaron (Jared) & Karen
late 93 or early 94? Make any new trails lately? Where are your morals? Do you really care about the mountain or do you only know how to recreate? Southern Arizona Hiking Club


5/12/94 Just passing thru. Put the flag right side up. Bruce 1 Brett Moore
5/14/94 Hey, we read the Tucson Weekly and I want to know what happened to Gladys' head? (Tucson Weekly Aug '93) Let me know.
5116194 Hey! On leave from the military - Just kinda passin through - Chris & Spencer
5/22/94 Hi! We just cam e down Oracle Ridge - beautiful! Peter & Joanne Knagge
5/29/94 Passed down on Red Ridge and going on up Oracle Ridge. Didn't need the amenities, but nice to know they're here. Les Reese 1 Brian Gross 1 Eric Thing
5/31/94 Down from Oracle Ridge to Catalina Camp & back Cliff Holmes
6/20/94 Oiled your door hinge - still don't work Cliff Holmes
7/10/94 Jim & Cheryl Welckle - Oracle Mark Vancas - San Manuel, 8 llamas: Transformer, Sundance, Matt, Tonka, DeMott, Badger, Farlow, Walter
7/30/94 Admired your well-stocked homestead - wondered how you got it all in here. We're camping at junction of Red Ridge and this trail to Dan's Saddle. Alice, Kim & Leanne Stone (15 mos.)
8/4194 Trekkers from SaddleBrooke 5 people
8/17/94 Just passing thru - nice find! Robert L. Coleman & Greg Corman, Tucson
8/17/94 Very impressive - Jessie, Ada, Jay Hoying (?), Tucson
9/13/94 Welcome to the "Canyon of Gold". There are very few sacred spots left in this world. Please refrain from making a mess and enjoy! Since 1977 a sign-in roster has been provided and it is a very special treat to see who signs and their comments. Read the book The Mine with the Iron Door, McKenna's Gold and the soon-to-be-released Canyon of Gold for info on the past inhabitants of this beautiful valley. Interested parties can contact Certain Specialties (217) 431-0937. A friend wrote a song about the canyon: "High upon a hill one summer, he saw the canyon's gold uncovered, a treasure that no man could ever own." The General & Jeff
9/19/94 Three days of Paradise. The General, Ron Cappello Ed Toth
9/27/94 A place in time, we spent a little time with God and his creations. Enjoy, a peace of mind. "Great days." Tom, Bob, Tom
10/8/94 Robert Surma, Harry von Bergen. Thanks - Robbe Cain great spot - Freda Johnson (and one more)
10/21/94 Jim Thompson SAHC and Over-the-Hill Hikers


Returned again to be healed from society's mistakes. The General
4/1/95 pump & blast Jeff Petroski
4/30/95 Very nice! Kelly & Slim, Bisbee
4/30/95 Commanches - run for the hills
5/10/95 69: Peace! Big Trav & Wencemeister
5/11/95 Returned to do more work - peaceful today - lots of birds Singing Bob, the General, Mark
5/14/95 John Huntington Jim Huntington We took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but footprints! George F. Deming IV, Phoenix
5/16/95 Jim Officer & the General
5/16/95 Larry Baqley
5/26/95 "The Banker with Vision" Rob Stevens & the General
5/27/95 It's my birthday & it's great to be here again. Steve Adams
5/27/95 Had a great hike! Marlyn Cassler
5/27/95 Judy Cathey & Kevin Apland
6/9/95Sue Herman & Hilda
6/11/95What an amazing surprise! Pier Ingram
6/11/95 Natasha Korshak
6/15/95 A treasure RJR
6/?/95 Saturday - a wonderful place. Thanks for the ice pack, will replace soon. M.D.
6118/95 Beautiful place; just passing through. Plan to take more time next time. Thanks for the nice time. Sigmund Fensel & Kenneth (Staas) Coleman
6/24/95 Just passing through. Glad to see the place is still here. M. Brookshier
7/2195 This must be of the kind of people I've dreamed of, NICE! AL from FLA
7/7/95 Tom & Larry from SaddleBrooke
7/16/95 Hope they never tear this one down Richard Kane & Beth Staats
7/18/95 Looks good! I've been coming thru here for 20 years. Gay Sutton
8/16/95 Polly Reynolds, Saddle Brooke Mary Murphy, SaddleBrooke George Skipp, Saddle Brooke Don Kirk, LaReserve, Oro Valley
8/25/95 Bob & Sandy Erickson, Tucson
10/1/95 Ramblers Hiking Club
10/21/95 Ed & Jannelle Emerling Marti Elhin (?), Althea McClure
(sometime between 10/21/95 and 11/895) The long walk. Mark F. Evans, Georgia
11/8/95 We are tempted to take longer rest here! SAHC: Ursula Hess, Khristel Claanen, Claus Claanen, Del, Bonnie Huntley, Pat O'Donnell
11/30/95 The General & D. Goode
12/1195 Beautiful! Mary Bradley
12/1/95 Just tempted! Jimmy Jordan, Bisbee, AZ
12/1/95 Welcome to the "Canyon of Gold." There are very few sacred spots left in this world. "enjoy" and please refrain from making a mess. since 1977 a sign-in roster has been provided and it is a special treat to see the names and comments of those who love nature. A ballad written by Gary Holdcraft says 'high upon a hill one summer, he saw the canyon's gold uncovered, a treasure that no man could ever own!" For more history on the area read the books: The Mine with the Iron Door, McKenna's Gold and the soon-to-bereleased Canyon of Gold. Interested parties can contact: Certain Specialties (217) 431-0931. It don't get any better than this!

12/1/95 This one's for you, Pappy Thanks for the door handle! The General
1211195 Been tempted! Jimmy Jordan, Bisbee, AZ

1211/95 - 11 am Arrived to let the heart roam free for a few hours in the Canyon of Gold. Be safe and God bless. Bobby Hall, Mary Bradley, Bisbee, AZ
12/8/95 Melville See, Tucson
12/2/95 Doing a little prospecting and enjoying the scenery. Jim Pruden, Denver, CO & Tucson, AZ
12/8/95 Returned to a little bit of heaven, the day being a day of peacefulness. Looking for Santa - Bobby
12/8/95 Best wishes to alii The General
12/1/95 Yeeha! Door & tin on new cabin Mr. Bob & The General


2/3/96 Nice pencil. Jeff Baierlein here, hiking Northward into the snow & the peak of Mt. Lemmon. It's quite nice here, not raining any longer, although my shoulders are sore from backpacking. Glad to be here.

2/13/96 Can't imagine a better place to shut out the world of man, s'long as you don't mind sharing with ghosts. Beware the full moon. Alan Heyman, wanderer

3/13/96 There is a God. Thanks. WayneZespy
4/27/96 Wow!! What an unexpected & pleasant surprise! Thanks for the thought!! AZ Trail Volunteers
4/27/96 Bob M, USFS, Coronado

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