Kabbalah Study: Astral Projection: Techniques

Mastering Astral Projection Techniques

By Robert Zucker

I am in the process of publishing a book on Astral Projection. A new book on the legends and history of the Kabbalah called, Kabbalah's Secret Circles, is now available. Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. Also, download other free books on Kabbalah.

This sight of something that is absurd or ridiculous may suddenly gain ones attention and bring about a vivid dream experience.

Finding oneself 8,000 miles away from home in a dense African jungle trying to elude of a large pack of angry chimpanzees should be some clue that this present situation must be a dream.Robert Zucker's "Spirit of Kabbalah (Qabalah)" copyright 1976

That spark the awareness causes the experience to become more than just a dream.

We let so many unusual things pass by our awareness that would seem odd and out of place if we were fully awake and observing or experiencing the same thing. We barely give any intention to our dreams while they are happening and lose out on another plane of consciousness where our minds operate.

The magical energy to create year own world is consciously at your fingertips.

As you prepare for sleep, you should lie comfortably on your back. Relax. Take a few, slow deep breaths to clear how your clogged mind. Inhale. Hold in your breath. Then slowly exhale. 

Feel relaxed and more rested. As you breath in, exchange and release the vital energy maintaining your body. 

Let all of the troubles plaguing you from the waking world pass from your mind. Dismiss the thoughts that come rushing that upon you. Enjoy these few moments of peace and serenity as you retire. Let yourself sail away inside of the solitude of your mind.

While you are laying on your back, calm and rested, the monotony of the silence and darkness around you will soon begin to dull your mind.

You will feel drowsy and desire sleep. You will become less aware of your surroundings and your body and mind slips into sleep. The bed, pillow and sheets will no longer seem to exist. The world around you will begin to fade from interest.

Let it happen.

As consciousness dims and drowsiness overcomes you, your eyes will start feeling heavy and fatigued. Close them and let reality slip away. You will soon feel your body drift as you pass into sleep.

This floating sensation is the disassociation or separation of your mind from the concern of your body. It is a desirable experience to achieve if you want to perform out of the body experiences known as Astral Projection.

Instead of unconsciously letting yourself space off into oblivion, let yourself dream.

Simply, picture some image or a scene suspended before you in the darkness. Hold the visualization firmly in your mind as though you were actually looking at it.

Practice is needed as most of us are out of touch with our imagery processes which once used to be so vivid as children.

Imagine a garden full of blossoming roses and colorful tulips or reproduce a memory of a place you once been that pleases you.

Mentally create any type of the image form that you desire. The scene should stay the same throughout this exercise so you can give it your full concentration.

If you have a problem evoking an image, just lay back, and allow whatever comes to mind to appear on your internal movie screen. You don’t have to think about what you want to see if you are practicing passive imaging. Just let the flow of images come through. Let your imagination draw magnificent visions and behind your closed eyes.

Both methods of visualizing, active and passive, can help bring about dream-like, astral projection experiences.

You just need to remain aware of them without letting your body completely go to sleep. It is like being both awake and asleep at the same time.

If you are able to keep yourself mentally awake without going into unconsciousness, the pictures you have projected in front of you will soon take on an extraordinary quality.

It may take many, many times, but don’t give up.

For awhile, you may only fall asleep instead of being able to step inside of your dreams.

The intention is to remain mentally aware of being awake while your body is falling asleep.

Practicing meditation or simple relaxation will open your mind to the hypnogognic state and allow you to enter into the Astral World.

Have the intention to remain mentally aware of being awake while your body is physically falling asleep.

If you imagined a colorful garden projected in front of you, the colors may get brighter and clearer. The flowers fragrance may flow through you. While hypnotically staring at the flowers blossoming into life they will begin to flourish with brilliance and energy.

They will begin to seeing very lucid and realistic. You may even start to believe that they are actually in front of your. As long as you remain entrenched with the scene it will remain active.

If you were eventually able to reach out and touch the flowers before you, their touch will tickle your mind.

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