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Charlie ChaplinWatch and download free classic Charlie Chaplin movies. These movies can be freely downloaded or streamed online without cost. Read more about watching and downloading with the Free Movies FAQ.

There is only one legal source for the vintage Charlie Chaplin film catalog. Fortunately, many of these rare films have been preserved and made into digital videos while others have been lost. Read more about the unfortunate loss of many silent films.

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The following approved links access the Charlie Chaplin free movie catalog at archive.org- a legitimate source of free, public domain, movies and cartoons that you can watch online through their website or download to play later on your computer or mobile device.


No registration or subscription is required to watch or download these free films.

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How to watch free movies online

Choose a movie title and a new browser window will open at archive.org's web site- the Internet's community digital public domain library. These are the most popular Chaplin fims available and all are in the public domain without any copyright.

Select a Download Option to play the movie in either MPEG4, OGG or Torrent formats. When the movie is finished playing, you can save it to your hard drive. If streaming or downloading a movie with a mobile device, be aware of celluar charges unless you use Wi-Fi. Read more about free movies and mobile devices.

Many of these motion pictures are digital reproductions and can be played online and downloaded without cost since the copyright on the films have expired. Read more about watching and downloading free movies (FAQ).


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The Life of Charlie Chaplin

The name and face of Charlie Chaplin is known worldwide. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr was born on April 16, 1889 in London and died on Christmas Day, December 25, 1977 in Switzerland in his sleep at age 88.

Chaplin was considered to be one of the finest mimes, he was also a noted director. He acted in, directed, scripted, produced and even scored his own movies.

Charles Chaplin's earliest films (1914) were produced for Keystone Studios where he developed his Tramp character. The Tramp was first presented publically in Chalpin's second film "Kid Auto Race at Venice," released on February 7, 1914.

Chalpin's best known celebrity character, The Tramp, was a vagrant with refined manners. His signature toothbrush moustache was his trademark. Chaplin was knighted as a Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II on March 4, 1975.

On March 1, 1978, three months after Chaplin's death, his body was stolen by a small group of Polish and Bulgarian mechanics in an attempt to extort money from his family. The plot failed, the robbers were captured, and the body was recovered 11 weeks later near Lake Geneva (and reburied under six feet of concrete to prevent another attempt). More on Charlie Chaplin from Wikipedia.


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