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Felix the CatFelix the Cat was a cartoon character created during the silent-film era of the 1920s.

Felix was the first cartoon character to become a large enough theatre draw just for himself.

There is dispute to the origin of Felix the Cat, whether he was from the creation of Pat Sullivan, the owner of the Felix character, or American animator Otto Messmer, Sullivan's lead animator.

Felix the Ct cartoonIn the 1920's, the Felix character gained sudden popularity.

Felix got his own comic strip, drawn by Messmer and merchandising Felix goods became hot.

By the late 1920's, Felix popularity faded, just before the start of sound cartoons. In 1953, the Felix cartoons were airing on American TV with a redesigned character look.

This Felix the Cat free cartoon available here are from the original 1920's. Felix cartoons often contains ethnic stereotypes.

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Read more about Felix the Cat from wikipedia.

Felix the Cat Free Cartoons

"The Goose that Laid The Golden Egg" (1936)

"Doubles for Darwin" (1923)

"Felix All Puzzled" (1924)

"Felix Finds Out" (1924)

"Felix in Hollywood" (1924)

Please note: in some of these recordings, the audio is not preserved since it is a silent film. There are captions. Felix the Cat cartoons often contains ethnic stereotypes typical in those days.

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