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Streaming is more practical than downloading with mobile devices

There is another transformation in movie viewing on the Internet.

Technology restraints, copyrights, and bandwidth still makes it difficult to download movies online.

Connection speeds are still too slow for the massive files that have to travel over the web- often in the multi-gigabytes in size.

Downloading movies to a mobile device is not suggested. There may be cellular charges for the download minutes and the device might not be able to hold a full length movie.

The person receiving the download has to have enough space on a hard drive to store the movie (more than most DVDs can hold). Some movie files can be nearly 1GB. Read more about watching movies on a mobile device.

The movie also needs to be in a format compatible with the device. Most movies today play on most portable devices. That is not usually the problem. But, some older PCs and Macs - and even older smartphones - may lack the necessary software that automatically plays when a movie file is selected.

Add to that, copyright issues that still to be resolved among the movie distributors. The only legal, safe, online movie downloads are public domain films.

But, technology and commercial negotiations seem to expedite when all parties finally agree on making enough money (except the consumer, of course, who has to pay for it).

Because the online DVD rental market is obsolete, streaming video has become the norm.

Popular Streaming Video Services

There are several legitimate sources that stream movies and television shows to PCs and mobile devices. The monthly subscription rates are low enough that many people "cut the cord" to their cable companies.

Some devices allow movies to stream to large screen TV's either by cable or home Wi-Fi connections.

These are the most popular services for streaming movies and video:

Amazon Prime. Instantly watch and download HD movies and TV shows on your Mac, PC or mobile device. Free instant video with your Amazon prime account. Enable Amazon Instant Video streaming inside the Amazon app for Android. Amazon Prime Video On Demand.

Fandango offers free streaming movie trailers so you can preview movie clips before seeing the film. Watch some streaming movie trailers. Watch the latest movie trailers online.

Warner Archive is a subscription service that streams rare and hard to find Warner Bros. movies and television programs in 1080p HD on Roku, iPad 2+ and Apple TV with AirPlay. Try it out with a Warner Archive Instant One Month Free Trial.

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