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Cheryl K Warner Releases "You Just Don't Get It"

Cheryl K Warner has released "You Just Don't Get It", the third single from her new upcoming Fantasy CD. 

"You Just Don't Get It" was written by Jerry Gillespie and Dan Willis and is a bold, upbeat, attitude song about a changed woman.
"As soon as I heard the writers' demo, I wanted to record it," says Cheryl K.

"I felt that the lyrics of the song would certainly strike a note with women and that it might possibly enlighten men to appreciate and accept their women just the way they are."

Combining the honesty of her country roots with the heart of gospel and the energy of rock, Cheryl K.'s voice provides a mirror in which her listeners see reflections of their lives and of their dreams.

Cheryl K. has a friendly, easy going nature, and a genuine rapport with her fans.  If her personality and sunny smile don't warm you all over, her straight-from-the-heart vocals will do the trick.

The Fantasy CD, which includes "Dreams" (the debut single that appeared on the New Music Weekly Indie Top 30 Chart), "It's the Way That You Do It" (the follow-up single), and "You Just Don't Get It", is scheduled for release later this year.

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