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Las Vegas time shares take hit from the economy

By Robert Zucker
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Even though the struggling economy and recession nearly wiped out the Las Vegas time share industry, Las Vegas is still the most-visited city in the U.S.

But, one of the victims of the recession is the time share deal.

Las Vegas companies that offered timeshare presentations with special discounts to low cost or free hotel stays, have become a financial drain on hotels, resorts and casinos.Even though time share ownership had become an impressively growing industry, the economic conditions are better for short term rentals. So, most of the big players have shifted their timeshare promotions into bundled Vacation Packages.

There are still some timeshare-type vacation opportunities in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Special Travel Packages

  • FlipKey by TripAdvisor is a vacation rental marketplace that makes it easy and safe to find and book the perfect place to stay. Travelers can search more than 500,000 listings and find a rental with the space, privacy, and amenities of home without the time share presentation. Search for  FlipKey vacation rentals in Las Vegas.
  • Southwest Airlines Vacations bundles hotel and air vacation packages to Las Vegas. Select from dozens of low priced vacation packages to Las Vegas, NV. Include flight, hotel, car rental and shows- all in one low, pre-arranged price. See Southwest Vacation packages.
  • Travelocity Las Vegas vacation deals can combine both hotel and flight into a discounted vacation. Choose from over 200 Las Vegas hotels in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas timeshare promotions and packages

By Wendy Croix

Timeshares were vacation investments that paid dividends in prime locations.

Imagine a luxury Las Vegas vacation for only $50 a night! Timeshare promotions are a great way to try on the Vegas vacation destination for size.

Although Las Vegas timeshare are limited, more are being built every year. The current bargain prices are $11,000 in Las Vegas average versus the $14,000 national average price tag.

Granted, the promotion or vacation package will include a promotional tour and a pitch as well.  But special promotions and packages offer the chance to meet timeshare owners and get their advice.

Since promotions and timeshare vacation packages change constantly, find them through one of the many timeshare rental sites now popping up on the web. Or go to RCI, hub of the timeshare industry.

Las Vegas is one of the most attractive vacation destinations and property values in Las Vegas are rising every day. A timeshare investment in Las Vegas may be a good real estate investment for years to come.

Timeshare ownership is one of the least expensive forms of vacation ownership. Before purchasing a time share in Las Vegas, make sure to indulge in a discounted vacation package as a way to sample what is available.

For a discounted price, you can take a vacation to Las Vegas, if you agree to sit in on a 90 minute timeshare presentation during your stay. You'll learn about the advantages to timeshare ownership and get to enjoy a cheap vacation.

You are under no obligation to purchase the timeshare. But, if you are already thinking about one, sign up for a timeshare presentation and have a great vacation!

Timeshares in Las Vegas, Nevada

Host to more than 37,000,000 tourists a year, Las Vegas is the most-visited city in the United States, so it’s a great place to own a timeshare. The Vegas casinos seal their city's reputation as a 24/7 party town for consenting adults, and southern Nevada's outdoor resources make it a family tourist attraction as well.

Current vacation ownership prices average $11,000, making Vegas timeshares a $3,000 bargain when compared to costs nationwide.

Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

Las Vegas's many attractions tend to become overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the casinos, and a Vegas timeshare ensures its owner's place in the heart of the action.

Not all Vegas timeshares sit on desert land, however. In fact, it's possible to own luxury houseboat time, if cruising Lake Mead sounds better than gambling on the strip. With its year-round sports, Vegas offers nonstop hiking, biking, sailing, and fishing.

Families love the MGM Grand Theme Park and outings to the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Red Rock Canyon and Valley Fire State Park offer tours, as does Ethel M's chocolate factory.

Vegas Timeshare Promotions and Packages

If they shop around, savvy travelers can get a luxury Las Vegas vacation for only $50 a night as part of a timeshare vacation package. These "try-before-you-buy” timeshare promotions include a property tour, a presentation, and a pitch.

But they include lots of inducements to try your luck at the casinos or dine at fabulous Vegas restaurants. The tourist traffic is heavy year-round, so a Las Vegas timeshare readily swaps for time elsewhere.

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