Entertainment Magazine: New York: Block Island

Laid back Block Island

By David Krell

Block Island New YorkAs I waited for the trucks to exit the ferry, I went back and forth between the awe of Block Island itself, and the shock of being forced to wait for food delivery trucks.

Not as pretentious and fussy as the Hamptons or Nantucket, but not even close to as middle America as the Poconos, Block Island treads the line between the two.

In the Hamptons, people become more exaggerated versions of the person they secretly dislike, yet crave, but on Block Island, they become the relaxed version of what they hope yoga will bring out of them.  In other words, a relaxed person who is in no rush to do anything.  

Block Island New YorkThe same people frequent Block Island as do Nantucket and the Hamptons, but the manner in which those people enjoy themselves once on Block Island is far different.  

There are no nightclubs, flashy restaurants or luxury hotels, and consequently, no place or person to dress up to impress.  Not surprising though, considering the island is 7 miles long, 3 miles wide and the town hub is a mere one block long.  

In fact, there is nothing to do on Block Island but relax, as it basically forces one into a relaxed state.  

On afternoons, for example, the patio at the National Hotel is filled with people simply sitting and reading.  Being the spontaneous and different visitor that I am, I looked for an alternative activity.  I walked around the entire island, passing bluffs, dunes and beautiful scenery with not one bit of garbage seen anywhere.  

Block Island New YorkThe terrain looked like a cross between the beaches of Cape Cod and the savannas of Africa, but far more subtle than both.  I will admit that these subtle nuances forced me to appreciate the simplicity of the island and life in general.  

Watching a seagull glide through the air across a stereotypically beautiful pond stopped me in my tracks, which, suffice it to say, seems silly as I write it now, for much of what I remember involves the silent vacancy of the island.  When a car drove by, you really felt it.  When the ferry comes in, everyone on the island knows.  

And for the record, the best alternative activity I could find was sitting with a book on the beach, but eventually I just returned to the patio at the National, one of many who obviously learned the same thing I did.  

So I guess the question you should ask yourself is whether the relaxed enjoyment of reading your favorite book on an outdoor patio is something you hope to achieve, because I certainly enjoyed it.

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Photos courtesy of Block Island Tourism Council.

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