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Internet Links to the Occult

This section contains many links to quality web sites on paraspychology, Kabbalah, and many topics on Jewish mysticism.

The words Kabbalah, Kabalah, Qabalah and various other spellings are the same meaning for the Old Tradition. This collection of links provides resources into the depths of the Qabalistic traditions.

Resource Links to the Kabbalah

  • Medieval Sourcebook lInks from Fordham University. Links to doucments, projects, maps, images related to the Medieval period.

Astral Projection/Dream Consciousness

The Kabbalah

  • Introduction to Kabbalah with the basics of the ancient study of Judaic Qabalah (also spelled as Kabbalah, Kabalah and Cabala) from a book by publisher Robert Zucker.
  • The Practical Kabbalah site maintained by F. Levine with topics on the practice, the Holy Letters and Names, amulets, demons and the golem.
  • Psyche's 400+ Links to dozens of topics from alchmey, magic, Qabalah/Kabala, Nephilim, philosophy and psychology of the occult, Sepher Yetsira and the Tarot.
  • EMOL's Jewish Home Page with many mysticism links.

Qabalah Occult Software

  • Qabalah software program: occult practice and theory of Sefer Yetzirah, Kabalah (Kabbala, Kabbalah), golems, the 22 letters, the 231 Gates (both forward and back).

Study the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah

Introduction to Kabbalah

Kabbalah Time Line

Qabalah Books

Dreams and the Astral

Resources and Links

Mystical Letters


Kabbalah Software programs: VirtualQBL, an interactive way to study Sefer Yetzirah, the 231 Gates forward and back, and the 22 Hebrew letters.

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