Business emCommunities

Ad Banners

Every Business emCommunity receives FREE ad banner rotation throughout the entire web site. When clicked, the banner can either be linked to your web site or to your emCommunity.

All advertisers log on to Enter your username and password (will be provided to you by us) and view:

Banners and links can be updated as needed. We can also create your banner ad for a slight charge. Banners can be zoned by section as well. Inquire for more information: [email protected]

Ad banner specifications:

  • width= 400 pixels
  • heigth= 50 pixel
  • format= gif or jpg
  • send to= [email protected]
  • need us to design your banner ad? Rates start at $10 for each banner.
  • Not an emCommunity Manager? Rates start at $5 per month to rotate your banner.

Typical Banner:

For rates to operate your own Business emCommunity, visit the Hosting page.

To order an ad banner: [email protected]