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Welcome to Entertainment Magazine. Our roots started in 1977 with the first print edition from Tucson, Arizona. Entertainment Magazine On Line ( has been publishing on the Internet since January 1995- an Internet pioneer. was launched March 2004. is published through a non-profit organization that has served the southwest US for almost 30 years.

Now, our Web site receives over 1/4 million requests a week from around the world and ranks high in search engine results for many keywords and search phrases. Visitors look for information on entertainment, film, music and tourism. We are continuously expanding our online presence with new topics and features.

Published work through Entertainment Magazine and is recognized with a by-line, credit paragraph, e-mail/URL link (if provided). All work is contributory. Freelancing your work at Entertainment Magazine is a great way to develop your published clip portfolio.

If you contribute on a regular basis, you will have a home page that links to all of your articles. You can also post a bio and submit a photo, if you prefer.

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