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Freelance Publishing Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you prepare articles for submission to Entertainment Magazine On Line. For almost three decades, Entertainment Magazine has helped hundreds of aspiring jouralists with the opportunity to be published. Print out this page to keep as a reference.

Not all submissions will be published, and is based on the consideration of our editors. Copy is not returned, but you will be contacted by e-mail when your articles are posted. Please make sure you retain your original work. We accept articles in English only for now, but from any country in the world.

Any questions: [email protected]

Assignment Process:

Register as a Freelance Journalist.

After accepted, you will be e-mailed information to assist you in completing your article. If you want to contribute on a regular basis and on a variety of topics, a home page will be created with all of your links.

If you are making arrangements for an interview, or to request publicity information from agencies, and represent Entertainment Magazine, we must be informed prior to your contact. We cannot authorize your requests if you do not present it to us first. Please e-mail the publisher to request approval to make a contact with an industry representative: [email protected]

When your article is posted, you will be e-mailed with the URL. If we have a home page set up for you, it will also be indexed. You can use your home page URL on your resumes or when substantiating that your work is published.

Publishing Your Story:

You articles can be e-mailed directly to: [email protected]

Please have all story ideas approved first. We cannot authorize assignments using our name without prior knowledge. If you already have the story written, you can submit it for consideration. You can e-mail to discuss and explain story ideas at anytime.

When you submit your story, paste the text inside your e-mail message box. Please do not send it as an attachment. Do not use indents. Suggest a headline. When the story is published, you will be contacted by e-mail with the URL.

Stories cannot be commercial in nature with an intent to promote, publicize or sell a service, business or product. Any story submitted that violates this guideline will not be accepted. If you want to sell items through our web site, please contact [email protected] for more information or find out how to set up your business on our web site and be tied into our heavy traffic flow.

We want our readers to feel that our articles are not written with the intent to sell them something- only to inform. Rather than reviewing a movie, CD or book, we prefer a "profile" of the material. Give the reader all sides to make their own decision. If it is a review, it must be labeled as a REVIEW. Try to find an angle that will attract the reader, rather than your own opinion. We do accept opinion reviews, but they do not have priority.


We encourage photos. Photography credit will be given. The photographer must allow the photo to be published through Entertainment Magazine. At this time no image attachments are accepted, unless arranged before being sent. All unauthorized attachments will be deleted before opening.

Photographers must provide publishing approval. Please do not take images off the Web, or scan from any products. We can often obtain images if needed. If you provide your own original work, it will be given priority consideration. Images can tremendously enhance your story.

Basic Journalism Guidelines:

1. Attribute all quotes with the sources name, title and company. Back up facts with sources. You may be contacted to further explain any facts you present.

2. Spell names correctly. Double check spelling, even on a computer!

3. "Use quotes for song, book, newspaper and magazine titles," enclosed all punctuation within the quotes. If you italicize titles, it may not lose format when being transferred to HTML.

4. Proof read your article before you post it. You are not limited by words. But if it is too wordy, you will lose readers.

5. We will not consider articles written solely about a business, or an intent to sell or promote a service or a product.

6. Instead of reviewing concerts, events or music, we prefer a profile to give the reader a chance to make their own decision. We encourage interviews, but if you make arrangements, we MUST be informed prior to the arrangements. Otherwise, we will not authorize it if we are called by a publicist.

Tear sheets:

When your article is published, you can view it online (EntertainmentMagazine.net) and print it from your computer. The web page can also be downloaded (or "saved") on to your hard drive. This tear sheet can be used as part of your journalism portfolio. Please credit Entertainment Magazine for publication.

Your home page will be updated with links to your articles. This a good place to direct people to show your published work.

Copyright Protection:

Any article published in Entertainment Magazine, in print or electronically, receives our copyright notice for your work. As the author of unsolicited work, you retain all rights of your work. If an article, graphic or photo is assigned or contracted by Entertainment Magazine, the author retains first publishing rights. Entertainment Magazine controls the rights over future publication in its own media outlets.

After we publish your article, if you submit the same article to another publication, print or online, we suggest a recognition of Entertainment Magazine at the end of the article: i.e. "Published in EntertainmentMagazine.net, 2005."

You can also use this phrase when republishing or redistributing your copy after it is published in Entertainment Magazine. Substitute Your Name for your own name:

Copyright 2005, (Your Name)/Entertainment Magazine. All rights reserved.

We look forward to reading your articles and hope that this can help your writing career portfolio.

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