EMOL.Org Receives Domain Registration,
Moves to New Server

July 5, 1995, Tucson, Arizona, USA

A virtual community is under construction somewhere in cyberspace near Tucson, Arizona called VirtualCity. The new Internet World Wide Web address for Entertainment Magazine On Line is now http://emol.org/

VirtualCity (EMOL.org) contains news, weather, libraries, shopping centers, tourism attractions, art galleries, restaurants and interesting pages which are being mapped out on the Internet by Entertainment Magazine On-Line (EMOL.Org).

Already receiving thousands of visitors a week, EMOL.org's online newspaper has outgrown its current Internet web server. At its new site, EMOL.org, will be able to expand to include a full range of information and interactive services.

More than a dozen community groups have home page presence on EMOL.org's web site. Non-profit organizations web pages are subsidized by EMOL.org commercial web sites. Some have been receiving hundreds of hits a day:

The Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitor's Bureau provides Tucson events listings
The Arizona Office of Tourism provides event listings throughout Arizona
Arizona Historical Society
Crime Prevention League
Information & Referral Services
Old Tucson Studios
Tucson Arts District
Tucson Convention Center
Tucson Open University
Tucson Parks & Recreation Dept.
Tucson Public Library
Volunteer Center

These groups are linked together through the local web site, EMOL.Org (Entertainment Magazine On-Line) which has been publishing in print since 1977. Now, EMOL is entirely electronic and is updated almost daily with event listings, music schedules, photographic tours and community information. A virtual shopping mall is being built for local and international commerce.


Since EMOL.org went on-line 6 months ago (1/17/95), an average of 3,000 hits are being recorded a week from all over the world. Over 100 pages fill this current edition of which covers national, regional and local entertainment and tourism. Updates to pages and listings can be made on a more frequent basis to encourage repeat users each month.


EMOL.org offers web page development and maintenance for businesses, organizations and individuals. With its active site, EMOL.org provides a higher web presence for those who want to market on the Internet and be linked through EMOL.org. Catalogs, surveys, company profiles and newsletters, interactive e-mail, reservation services, and multi-media presentations are possible.

EMOL.org is a non-profit web site, sponsored by SW Alternatives Institute, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt, Arizona corporation.

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