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Teen On-Line is the electronic version of one of the nation's earliest newspapers for and by young people in the United States.
In 1977, the publication was called "Youth Awareness Press." The newspaper provided Tucson, Arizona youth with a medium to communicate with their peers and an opportunity for young journalists to publish their work. It was sponsored by the Tucson YWCA, with the support of the United Way of Greater Tucson and other funding sources and non profit organizations, schools and the courts.
High school students worked on the staff as reporters, editors and artists. One grant, enabled schools throughout Tucson to provide space for newspaper satelite offices where students would gather to prepare copy and report from their campus. The juvenile court referred offenders for community service work with the publication. They gained skills learning to write for a newspaper.
In the early-1980's, grant funding also provided support to produce youth cable television programming, a radio show series and special editions. Fundraising events included concerts, discos at schools, movie screenings and nightclub sponsored teen nights.
In 1982, the newwspaper changed it's name to "Tucson Teen" when grant funding was being reduced nationwide. Advertising sales from local and national businesses help continue the publication. It also spawned "The Entertainment Magazine" in the mid-1980's.
In October 1995, Tucson Teen went electronic and merged with its sister publication EMOL.org (Entertainment Magazine On-Line) to share cyberspace.
Publisher Robert Zucker started Tucson Teen newspaper and journalism program in 1977 through the Tucson YWCA with funding from the United Way of Greater Tucson, City of Tucson and Pima County Juvenile Justice Collaboration.
This cyber-edition revives the Tucson Teen as an electronic communicator for youth round the world. Teen On-Line is published through SAI, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt Arizona corporation. Donations are accepted to continue this project.


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