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The Equinox changes with every season

By David Krell
Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester Village, Vermont

Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester Village, VT. As one crosses the border from New York into Vermont, there is an immediate difference.

For one, there are no billboards at all.  Sounds subtle and unassuming, but the way a spectator views its land changes immensely because of this difference.  

Not only that, but each town in Vermont has its own set of rules, such as limiting the variations of colors a house can be painted.  Seems restricting, but the greatness of Vermont is in this sense of agreed comfort amongst its residents.  No one showcases this ideal better than the Equinox Resort & Spa.  

Spa director, Susan Wheeler, is a prime example of this standard of living, and represents those qualities well.  

In a recent article in Equinox Magazine, and in regard to the land surrounding the Equinox Resort & Spa, Wheeler says that the "picture changes with every season.  In the summer, the forest floor is all flowers and mushrooms; in the fall, it's loud with crunching leaves."  

The only reason one is able to hear these silent sounds is because of the visitor's mindset once he or she walks into the historic entrance.

As I walked into the Equinox, I was happily greeted by a Scottish looking bellboy (argyle socks included) and a naturally vibrant receptionist.  As is the case with great resorts, the service was perfect and genuine.  

Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester Village, VT.

But what differentiates the Equinox Resort & Spa is how skilled they are in producing creative and fun activities.  We took part in two such activities, as well as many others which were both relaxing and timely.

For example, Falconry is one of the most amazing surprises I have ever experienced.

Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester Village, VT. Discussing this 4000 year old sport- in which a human uses a falcon as its hunter- with my friends, they looked perplexed at best, not able to do anything but laugh.  

All I could do was smile.  

Having a huge bird of prey respond to your actions with such detail and land on your arm with such compliance felt equivalent to a child's response to Disney World.  

And to learn there are only 20 or so falconers in America and that they go out with their own falcons and live off the land as often as possible, using their bird as their means of catching food...  It's as otherworldly as it sounds.

Driving off-road in a fully-detailed Range Rover, however, seems obviously amazing.  

The Range Rovers themselves are the most beautiful and practical a car can get while representing the finest sense of luxury.  I, myself, now want to get one.  

That said, my love for the car itself outmatched the off-road adventure.  In their defense, I threw up on a boat the first time the waves got rough, but now I love being on the water.  

Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester Village, VT.

Hot-stone massages, facials, an outdoor hot-tub, indoor pool, outdoor firepit with great bar, appropriately called, the Falcon Bar, and a plethora of exercise/relaxation classes were offered, experienced and loved, but there are so many others, such as fly fishing and skeet shooting, that I know I'll be returning- if only to go for another picturesque hike with Susan Wheeler.  Yep, the spa director goes out hiking with her guests.

Ultimately, the resort is five-star, personal and hands-on at every level; and just like the perfect waiter who knows exactly what you want and need the second before you think it, the Equinox follows that same model- except this model includes a series of welcome surprises.  

Regardless of everything offered being as wonderful as it was, the simplicity, beauty and lack of billboards is why I'm not only coming back, but looking for property in Vermont.

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