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Quotes from Leading Experts about life on other worlds, Alien Planet and Darwin 4

“We think other worlds, perhaps other earths, if you will, exist.
We know of hundreds of other planetary systems right now,
and that may be the tip of the iceberg.”-- Jim Garvin, Chief Scientist, NASA

Alient Planet Darwin 4“It isn’t conceivable, really, that there would not be life. Is it intelligent? I don’t know. That’s a whole other issue...” -- George Lucas, Filmmaker

“We have to mentally prepare ourselves for this big shock -- perhaps even being dethroned from the center of the universe, the biological universe -- when we discover evidence of life in outer space. At that point, there'll be another Copernican revolution, a biological Copernican revolution when we realize that we're not the only game in town.”-- Michio Kaku

“Finding life beyond earth -- it really is just going to be a matter of persistence. We'll probably have to send a lot of probes.” -- Jack Horner, Paleontologist, Montana State University

“One piece of evidence that suggests the probability of primitive forms of life appearing may be reasonably high, is that life seems to have appeared on Earth shortly after the Earth cooled sufficiently for life to be possible. If life was very improbable, one might have expected life not to have appeared until late in the ten billion or so years that the Earth has to live.” -- Stephen W. Hawking, Physicist and Author

“If we realize that there is other life at a higher order of multi-cellular organization of even adaptation of environment, I think that would profoundly rock our boat.” -- Jim Garvin

“I think discovering life on another planet might be one of the most fantastic things for humans.” -- J. Craig Venter, President, J. Craig Venter Institute

“If we want to find advanced intelligent life, our best bet is to listen to radio signals, like the SETI project. Interstellar distances are too large for us to travel to more than the closest stars. If we want to explore the galaxy, we’d better send robots, but we won’t live long enough to hear back from them.” -- Stephen W. Hawking

“According to Einstein, there's an ultimate speed limit in the universe. Mother Nature is like a cop, a cop that says you cannot break the light barrier.” -- Michio Kaku, Professor, CUNY

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