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"Twilight of Consciousness," by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker, examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple, easy to follow, techniques.

Twilight of ConsciousnessThere is one method that almost everyone unknowingly utilizes to “project” into the dream state– daydreaming. Everyone daydreams. Most of us aren’t usually aware of it.

Many people spend 30-40 percent of their waking hours in daydreams, according to extensive research. Usually, they appear as short bursts of distracting thoughts.

Thoughts that occur while daydreaming can lead to creative insight. Daydreams relax and stimulate the brain. The average daydream lasts between four to fourteen seconds with many short fragments of thoughts, memories and imagery. Some daydreams can last up to a minute or more.

Daydreaming is similar to the creative thoughts evoked during the hypnagogic stage while falling sleep. Sometimes, just thinking about doing something brings some of the same rewards as doing it. Daydreaming only become unhealthy when is becomes obsessional– meaning, don’t overdo it.

If you become aware of the daydream without snapping into consciousness, you can have more “control” in defining the dream than someone who is controlled by the daydream.

After you realize that you were daydreaming, try to remember what you were thinking about. It might be harder than you think to catch those elusive thoughts. With some practice, you’ll recall those daydreams easier and have more control over them when they happen. Write them down if you feel it will help you remember.

To induce a daydream experience, relax in a chair or bed and close your eyes. Don’t fall asleep.

Instead of letting your stream of thought control the daydream, inject some of your own deliberate thoughts into the daydream. Start to think about an enjoyable scene, such as a sunset over the mountains, watching the ocean on a beach, or a memorable event.

During your wayward daydream, pay close attention to the imagery around you. What is familiar to you? What things look new?

A daydream will enable you to have more control over your experience than if you try this as you fall asleep. In a daydream, you can quickly wake up since you are only taking a nap. As you get more tired, the “Dweller on the Threshold” will induce unconsciousness as you’re guided into a deep sleep.

All of the techniques described for obtaining and retaining dream awareness, or Astral Projection, can be used in the daydream state.

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