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Stan and Lydia Vasile specialize in the creation of a perfect style for all kinds of hair.

The Vasile's have been styling hair throughout the world with European techniques that achieve hairdos to specially fit face, hair type and lifestyle.

The European Hair Style Salon by Vasile is located in Tucson, Arizona. If you live in Tucson or plan to visit, give the Vasile's a call to get 10% of all services and products.

Find more sample hair styles. Print out a sample you like to have Stan or Lydia create it for you.

dark skin hair style and styling

Georgia (left) with Stan Vasile (right) shows off her new haircut highlights, like Pamela Anderson style, specially designed to match darker skin. Stan has a great technique to handle all types of hair, cilnuding baby fine hair.

Michelle Pfeiffer hairstlye

Stan Vasile has studied hair design techniques in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria and Great Britain. He has also won many European medals for his techniques.

To get the hair style you see in these pages, print out a page from the Vasile's Hairstyle Guide and bring it to your next visit with Stan or Lydia Vasile.

Brad Pitt hair styleStan Vasile also specializes in creating new looks- the photo to the right shows the "Brad Pitt" hairstyle.

The "Weave Updoo"

This new European hair style is in fashion- seen soon to be on the Red Carpet.

Creating the weave updoo hair style is one of Lydia's hair fashion hobbies. Lydia is willing to hold classes and instruction on this haircut style. She can be flown anywhere in the US to teach this style.

The Weave Updoo is soft, natural looking. No tangle, elegant in style. This hairstyle is one of the most fashionable looks in Europe now.

In these photos, the color is hazy brown with natural soft highlights.

See more hair styles and prom cuts from Vasile.

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