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dark skin hair style and stylingMaria (right) with Stan Vasile (left) shows off her new hairstyle with highlights. Maria is Stan and Lydia's daughter.

Stan and Lydia have spent decades refining their skills in Europe and at the European Style by Vasile Salon in Tucson, Arizona.

If you find a hairstyle or haircut you like on any of the pages in the Vasile Hair Gallery, print it our and bring it in to Stan or Lydia.

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Stan and Nicolas Vasile. Nicolas is now attending the University of Arizona.

"As a professional image stylist for over 20 years I'm always on the lookout for a good hair stylist for myself and for my clientele.

Vasile is an artist- a magician! What he does for hair is magic!

He knows hair and especially fine, naturally wavy hair like mine.

He's the best!"

From Kathy T.

Find more sample hair styles. Print out a sample you like to have Stan or Lydia create it for you.

Michelle Pfeiffer hairstlyeStan Vasile (right) and his friend Phil (left). Stan is able to style long hair and beards as well.

Phil, a popular Tucson Santa Claus, needs to keep in style before the holidays.

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