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3D Gaming Explosion in 2010

Play 3D Video Games on your PC or HDTV

In 2010, video game makers will hit the market with a slew of new games that play in 3D mode (still requiring 3D glasses or a 3D monitor or HDTV with 3D capability). There will be 3-D game downloads and web sites that will offer 3-D games online with no download needed. A 3D game version of Avatar.The Game will be released soon. In PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions, the 3-D graphics are enhanced.

3D Gaming Alliance Formalized

The video gaming industry is starting development of The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), a non-profit corporation that is 100% focused on making stereoscopic 3D gaming possible through standards, education, and product adoption.

S3DGA’s current members include LG Electronics, Blitz Games Studios, RealD, Next3D, DDD, Jon Peddie Research, Sensio, TDVision Corp, iZ3D, and more. Read more about the 3D Gaming Alliance goals and initiatives.

3D Gaming Summit 2010

On April 21-22, the Producers of the acclaimed 3D Entertainment Summit, this high strategy networking event will attract the brightest minds in gaming to define the market opportunity for 3D stereoscopic gaming and entertainment.

Apple developing a 3D remote

Apple is developing a 3D gaming controller for Apple TV, according to reports on AppleInsider and nacnn.com. The remote and Apple TV would be similar to Nintendo's Wii gaming consule.

The remote would also have a zoom feature. Apple may use it as a virtual apps store where users can roam the Apple Store as if they were in a sophisticated 3D video game.

If you made a 3D remote, using a Nintendo Wii remote or other device, email us at [email protected] to share your experience with others.

Turn your PC into 3D with a Wii

Make a head tracking device at home

With the built in infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), the location of your head can be accurately tracked and viewed on a digital TV or monitor screen. Continue reading about the 3D Wii Remote.

Sony expects a PS in 3D

Sometime in 2010, Sony is expected to release a Play Station system with 3D graphics. No official announcement has been made on specifics.

Turning your PC in 3D

Your PC can be upgraded into a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience.

With a combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™.

In addition, movies and digital photographs can be viewed in eye popping 3D.

The 3D Stereo glasses deliver 60Hz per eye and ultrawide viewing angles. The glasses are designed for use with DLP 1080p HDTVs, pure 120Hz LCD monitors and DepthQ HD 3 projectors for crystal-clear, stereoscopic 3D gaming. 3D depth controls allow easy adjustment.

Full HD 1080p clarity is supported with 23” Alienware OptX™, AW2310 3D Full HD Widescreen monitors and ACER GD245HQ and GD235HZ monitors.

To turn your PC into a 3D with the NVIDIA 3D VIsion kit, a 3D vision-ready display, a compatible NVIDIA Graphics Card and a PC computer with Microsoft Windows Vista or WIndows 7.

Find out more about the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Stereo Glasses from Best Buy.

3-D Supplies and TVs from Amazon

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