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The 2019 Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle, Arizona Round Up

Cody Days Honors the World Famous "Buffalo Bill" Cody,
Who Helped Oracle, Arizona Grow

Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show in Oracle

The 4th Annual Buffalo Bill Cody Days was held at the Oracle Inn Steakhouse & Lounge, 305 E. American Avenue in Oracle, Arizona on Saturday & Sunday, February 23 & 24, 2019 from 1-5PM. The event also honored the legacy of local prospector and historian Flint Carter who passed away in December 2018.

Highlights from the 2019 Cody Days

Bob Zucker Cody Days 2019

Robert Zucker (right) welcoming attendees to the 4th Annual Cody Days in Oracle with a presentation on Flint Carter, who passed away in December 2018. Photos by Carolyn & James Barnett.

Ross the Magician 2019

Ross the Magician performs for the children and adults during the 2019 Cody Days in Oracle. Photos by Carolyn & James Barnett.

Cody Days 2019 Flint Carter

The 2019 Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle celebrated the life of William "Flint" Carter who passed away in December 2018. Photo by Robert Zucker.

Oracle Inn Flint Carter Collection

The Flint Carter Santa Catalina Collection is displayed at the Oracle Inn Restaurant & Steakhouse in Oracle. View the displays that tell the stories of Oracle and the Catalina Mountains, including the legend of the Iron Door Mine.

The hidden community of Oracle, north of Tucson, brought to life the rich mining history and legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains during the annual Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle. This year, the 173rd birthday of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody– the great 19th century entertainer – and Oracle, Arizona mine owner was celebrated with magic, Native American music and presentations.

An Ole Fashion Magic Show was featured for kids and adults by Ross the Magician. There were book talks on the history and legends of the Catalina Mountains are hosted by local authors, Robert Zucker and Flint Carter. A treasure hunt for kids, courtesy of Tucson Coin & Autograph, was held with real old coins.

Buffalo Bill Cody in Oracle and the Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

“Buffalo Bill” Cody owned several mines at Campo Bonito in the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Oracle, during the last decades of his life. He also searched for the fabled Iron Door Mine of the Catalinas.

Cody spent many winters in Oracle managing his mines which produced tungsten and gold. This is also the 101th anniversary of the Cody’s passing. Buffalo Bill’s last performance was playing Santa for the orphans of Oracle in 1916.

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Read about the Iron Door Mine Lends in the Catalinas

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

The only authentic source of Cody Stone from Buffalo Bill Cody's own mines with certification from the Flint Carter Collection

Cody Stone, gold and silver in quartzFirst popularized by Tiffany's during the California Gold Rush, Cody Stone is a little known- and now extremely rare- commodity.

It is the most expensive gold and silver in the world that sells by carat weight values. Cody Stone is on display in museums worldwide and the Mining Hall of Fame and Gem Institute of America.

The specimen, on loan to the University of Arizona MIneral Museum, was independently graded at 38 out of 40 and is considered one of the finest 100% natural gold and silver specimens in the world.

The result of a search for the West's largest gold legend and the world's largest land treasure portrayed in four major motion pictures over six decades, this golden legend refuses to die and continues to grow with substantial golden values.

Cody Stone Jewelry by Fint Carter"Jewel of the Catalinas"

FOR SALE: 3-band wrist bracelet of jewelry grade gold and silver embedded in quartz from the Santa Catalina Mountains. $9,500.

For more information on this and other exquisite pieces, contact Flint Carter at 520-289-4566 or email [email protected].

Now Available on Amazon: Flint Carter's  The Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure: The Santa Catalina Mountains Story

Flint Carter"Gold still glitters in the ground, hiding secret like a laughing clown."

- from "Gold Town" by Joseph Michael Darwin.

Left: "Prospector" original art work by Flint Carter. 5" x 7" original. Call 520-289-4566 to order. See more Flint original art.

The Miner's Story Project

Flint CarterThe Miners’ Story Project preserves and shares stories about life in the mines and mining communities in the Southwest US. William "Flint" Carter provides his recollections of the history and stories of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Read more about the Miner's Story Project. The Miner's Story CD is a two and a half hour recording of the mine with the iron door by Flint Carter. $19.95. Call Flint at 520-289-4566.

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Written by Robert E. Zucker with
collaboration from Flint Carter

A large collection of the legends and history of the Catalinas. Learn the story of the Iron Door Mine, the Lost Mission and the Lost City. Hundreds of pages cover hundreds of years in the search for gold, silver and copper. Was there a Lost Escalante Mine or Mine wth the Iron Door? Who started the legends? Is there still gold in the mountains?

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