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The online casual game market is exploding. Each month, more than 60 million people play casual games on the Internet, according to the Casual Gaming Association.

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These free games are available to play as long as you like. There is no time limit, registration or account needed to play. Start your play once the game loads below. Select from over a dozen other free games from Hooked Media below:

3D Gaming Alliance Formalized

The video gaming industry is starting development of The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), a non-profit corporation that is 100% focused on making stereoscopic 3D gaming possible through standards, education, and product adoption. S3DGA’s current members include LG Electronics, Blitz Games Studios, RealD, Next3D, DDD, Jon Peddie Research, Sensio, TDVision Corp, iZ3D, and more. Read more about the 3D Gaming Alliance goals and initiatives.

Games, Casual and Home Gaming News:

A Virtual TV - soon no more googles or bulky eye-wear. Coming to your TV soon- 3D screens. See how you can jazz up your PC with today's VR technology. Read more about Virtual Reality Glasses.

Turn your monitor into 3D using WiiRemote Make a head tracking device at home using a Wii remote controller and IR LED's. Watch a video how to make your TV 3D with instructions.

Apple is developing a 3D gaming controller for Apple TV, according to reports on AppleInsider and nacnn.com. Continue reading...

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Casual Gaming online

The average casual gamer spends 14 hours a week playing games on the web. The word "casual" indicates that these games are produced for the casual consumer, who comes across the game and can get into game play almost immediately. According to this report released by Park Associates, 85% of adult U.S. Internet users play online games wekly, compared with 29% who watch short online videos and 19% who visit social networking sites.

Playing games on computers has been overtaken by game playing on mobile devices like cellphones and PDA's. Our new gaming section provdes free games to play online or your mobile device, links and offers for free and low cost games to play on all devices.

Computer and Video Game Industry Tops $21 Billion in 2008

Overall computer and video game industry hardware, software and peripheral sales climbed to $21 billion in 2008, with entertainment software sales comprising $11.7 billion of that total figure -- a 22.9% jump over the previous year -- the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today. The industry set the new record, calculated by market-research firm NPD Group, on the strength of a December sales month in which industry revenue ($5.3 billion) topped $5 billion for the first time in any single month. By comparison, as recently as 1997, the industry generated $5.1 billion over the entire year. Continue reading.

Parents See Benefits of Children Playing Video Games

Results From Sony Online Entertainment and Yahoo! Survey Available. Parents across America are recognizing the benefits of their children playing videos games, according to a new study from Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE). The results, published exclusively in the new November issue of Family Circle magazine, suggest parents are seeing improvements in hand/eye coordination, problem solving and typing skills. Continue reading.

Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History Made at SIGGRAPH 2008

Packed to the brim with an estimated 800 audience members, true 3D gaming was demonstrated for the first time on professional Real D projection equipment using iZ3D LLC stereoscopic drivers at SIGGRAPH 2008 via a joint presentation by Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen and Mark Rein, VP and Co-Founder of Epic Games.
“Stereoscopic gaming is inevitable.  It's not so much a question of added realism or emersion, terms that I find too nebulous to define.  Stereoscopic 3D gaming is more fun - that's why it's here to stay," said Lenny Lipton, Chief Technology Officer of Real D, and the inventor of the original CrystalEyes Glasses that laid down the groundwork for many of the modern consumer 3D solutions available today. Continue reading...

RealPlayer Now Available for Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor-Based Netbooks and Nettops. From the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), digital entertainment services company RealNetworks(R), Inc. is announcing the availability of its popular RealPlayer(R) on Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor-based netbooks and nettops. By working with RealNetworks, the netbook and nettop OEMs can bundle a Moblin-optimized media player that includes the most sought-after media format support, decreasing their development, legal and administrative costs and reducing time-to-market. Continue reading...

Casual Gaming represents an ideal opportunity for advertisers that target women, who often make the majority of purchasing decisions in their household. To paint a vivid picture of the average casual gamer, Real commissioned Information Solutions Group (ISG) to survey over 5,000 RealArcade.com and GameHouse.com users earlier this year, resulting in the following newly-released data: Continue reading...

Through an exclusive, newly-announced partnership with Topics Entertainment, the largest privately owned multimedia publishing company in the U.S., packaged RealArcade(R) games will be distributed to retail stores throughout North America. This new partnership will extend the popular RealArcade brand to retail, with planned Fall 2008 releases including "UNO Undercover(TM)," "Little Shop of Treasures," "Sally's Salon" and "Cate West: The Vanishing Files." Continue reading...

Spore, from Electronic Arts

With Spore, play any way you choose in the five evolutionary phases of Spore: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

Grow, evolve, interact with and battle other cultures, and conquer the planet. Visit literally millions of planets full of other player's creations. Single-player game provides unlimited worlds to explore and play around. Read more...

Online Casual Gaming Anything but Casual, MTV Networks Study Finds 'An Exploration of Online Casual Gaming' and Strong Emotional and Physical Engagement with Online Games Across Nearly Every Age Group. Read the study highlights

Video Gaming Reaches All-Time High; Top Gaming President Discusses the Secret to Her Company's 100 Million Global Sales Milestone. Watch video clip...

BLOCKBUSTER(R) Rolls Out Retail Games, Hardware and Accessories Nationwide. Stores Also to Carry More Rental Game Platforms, Titles and Copies. Customers can go into any U.S. corporate-owned BLOCKBUSTER store and purchase video game titles, hardware and accessories for the Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS game systems. In addition to expanding its retail games offering, Blockbuster is adding more game titles for rental with more copies than before across all platforms. Continue reading...

PLAYSTATION (R) 3 To Support New Interactive Blu-ray Movie Features (BD-LIVE) With Upcoming System Software Update; PS3 (TM) Owners Will Soon Enjoy Downloadable Movie Content, Games And More With Blu-ray Disc (TM) Profile 2.0; PS3's Interoperability With PSP (R) Will Also Be Enhanced. Read more...

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Online Entertainment Leverage Expertise in the Computer Entertainment Industry

DVD Retailers Herald Acceptance of Single Format for High-Def Discs. The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) heralded a significant milestone in the enhancement of consumers' home entertainment experience: the acceptance by the marketplace of a single format for high-definition discs- Blue-Ray. Continue reading...

"Hollywood Goes Gaming" A Starz Originals’ look at the relationship between video games and movies. Premieres November 26 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) Exclusively on Starz. Continue reading and watch video clips...

Microsoft and Bungie Studios, the developers of the "Halo" franchise, to Evolve Relationship. Continue reading...

New PLAYSTATION 3 Model to Take Holiday Season by Storm. Aggressively Priced Hardware and a Terrific Software Line-up Make for an Unbeatable Combination. New 40GB PS3 at EUR399. Continue reading...

Highly anticipated Halo 3 game expected to register the biggest day in retail entertainment history. Starting Sept. 24, "Halo 3," the final chapter of Microsoft Corp.'s epic video game trilogy, finally goes on sale around the world. By the end of the week, fans in 37 countries will be playing the game Wired magazine recently called "a cultural touchstone, a Star Wars for the thumb stick generation." Read more...

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