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Search for family records easily on the Internet without having to visit libraries or seek out archives across the country or around the world. While many of these search engines and genealogy tools are free to the public, some request donations or memberships for more exclusive access to records. Often, it is worth it instead of the cost to travel to find those records. Once all the records are assembled, then a travel to ones homeland will be more enjoyable and complete.

When using searches, try various spellings of the surname (i.e. Smith, Smyth, Smythe, etc). Often, records have variant spellings because the transcriber may not have understood the original spelling or knew how to translate a foreign sound.

Most searches start with Ellis Island- the entry point to the U.S. for most European and Asian immigrants during the 1800-early 1900s. These records have been preserved and are available to view and order online. Examine the records online for free, search for specific people, ships and travel dates. Begin your search at

Data Searches & Tools

Ellis Island, New York Search Ellis Island passenger records, see the manifests and other travel records.
LDS Family History Center On-line with databases
National Genealogical Society
National Records and Archives Genealogical Page
RAND Genealogy resources and data searches, software
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
Family Search:
Search vital records, Social Security records from the LDS
All the Search Engines: Genealogy
Ethnologue Database information on over 6,500 languages

eeg Society Search European databases:

FEEFHS Surname Databases Federation of East European Family History Societies
FEEFHS Home Page
Genanet searchable database in several languages

Genealogy Toolbox

GenCount Surname search over 4 million names by e-mail request, free

GenDex WWW Genealogical Index large database and soundex
GenServ: Genealogical Server System - Over 3.65 Million Surnames online (May96).
GenServe Home Page

Kindred Konnections, Family History and Genealogy

Numbering Systems in Genealogy
Obituary & Marriage License Links
RAND Soundex
Roots Surname List from the RAND Genealogy Club

Searchable Database
Surname Search Engine (searches several databases)

US Census Name Search Find out how many people have the same last name as you, courtesy of US Census.

First Name List with origins and derivatives of first names
Japanese Names

Yahoo's Lineages and Surnames

Yates Computerized Ancestor

Arizona Birth/Death Records:

Genealogy Software Sites

(freeware and shareware for PC, Mac and UNIX)
Genealogy Links by Chris Gaunt
Gene 4.1.1. (Macintosh, excellent shareware)

Google's listings

Genealogy Online (genealogy sw for all platforms inc. mac archives)


Geneweb -for Mac

Genealogy software

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