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Driving to Rocky Point

Driving Distances
Phoenix.....215 miles
Tucson.....216 miles
Los Angeles.....516 miles
San Diego.....360 miles

New U.S. border rules- new ID requirements

At this time, no passport or visa is required to visit Rocky Point. Instead, a valid driver's license AND a copy of your birth certificate is necessary. Border travelers may be required to present a passport beginning in 2009 or later. The wallet size passcard is also now accepted at the international border for citizens to enter the U.S.

Currently, you will need your valid driver's license, current vehicle registration and current U.S. insurance proof of coverage to reenter the U.S. if you are driving a vehicle. Beginning in 2009, the law may require a valid visa passport.

Mexican Liability Insurance is mandatory to drive in Mexico. This auto insurance must be purchased before you drive into Mexico. U.S. auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. Gasoline is availabe throughout Mexico and is sold by the liter. Although it is cheaper in Mexico, U.S. cars run better on U.S. blends.

Before driving into Mexico:

  • Do not have any weapons or drugs in the car
  • have all registration paper for the vehicle
  • show proof of Mexican auto insurance, if necessary
  • Find out current US Mexico travel information and tips

Lukeville Port of Entry Trailers in the Fast Lane

Every Sunday and Monday, recreational vehicles and vehicles that are towing trailers will be directed into the commercial lane. The border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona (Gringo Pass) is closed from 12:00am until 6:00 am, seven days a week.

This will help to ease the congestion and delays at the port for years. Mexican officials will separate traffic before it enters the port, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. Traffic has increased five-fold since 2001. Sundays are the heaviest delays.

The Govenor of Arizona has proposed a $1.5 million expansion to construct more lanes at the Lukeville border crossing. The funding is contingent on private firms coming up with $1 million, according to a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Transportation. ADOT will finance two new lanes on top of the existing fours lanes on the U.S. side. One lane is now dedicated to commercial traffic. The Mexican government is being encouraged to expand the number of lanes and facilies on the Mexican side of the border. Other developments would include 24 hour a day access.

Passport Information:

Car Rentals in Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco)

It's often cheaper to book a car rental online. After you reserve online, call the rental agency and let them know you will need Mexican Insurance. Tell them you will take the car to Puerto Peñasco, in Sonora, Mexico. This is located in the Sonoran Free Trade Zone. The car rental agencies can prepare the Mexican auto insurance and entry paperwork and attach it to your reservation when you get their office. This saves extra time from obtaining the insurance elsewhere.

If you're driving to Puerto Peñasco from California, Nevada, New Mexico or Texas, car rental agencies like Dollar Rent-A-Car or Thrifty Car Rental can make arrangements in your home state. Be sure to read and understand your policy, insurance, and service contact numbers BEFORE you enter Mexico. If you want to rent a vehicle in Rocky Point, Alamo Rent A Car is the authorized agency in Mexico.

Alcohol purchases at the border

Visitors to Mexico can purchase duty free alcohol at the U.S. border. But, to return to the U.S., only 1 liter of alcohol per person is allowed without duties charges.

Most people stop at the Gringo Pass liquor store to buy alcohol at tax free prices, then bring it into Mexico.

On the return trip, after passing through the U.S. port of entry at Lukeville, you can park on the U.S. side, buy a liter of alcohol, walk it into Mexico, and walk back through the pedestrian entrance into the U.S. Remember, only one liter of alcohol can be brought into the U.S. within a 31-day period. Pedestrians must show ID to enter the U.S.

Rocky Point Weather

The temperature is usually 75 degrees (F). The evenings may be cool- into the 50-60s. Bring a sweater or jacket. The ocean temperature averages 70-75 degrees. While rain is rare, bring rain gear if it is expected.

Rocky Point Hotels and Reservations

Rocky Point Web SItes

Rocky Point Maps: View Google Map of Rocky Point. Zoom down near street level to see roads and buildings

American citizens can visit or call 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778) for information on applying for a U.S. passport.

Rocky Point Cell Phones, iPhone and Internet Coverage

AT&T has a special rate plan for Mexico for $4.99/month. That plan gives better calling rates. Roaming charges is expensive. While in Mexico, turn data roaming off in your settings. It has been suggested to keep the service plan for at least 90 days (or 2 billing cycles) to make sure that any charges from Mexico are cleared up. Keep your phone off so it doesn't accidently check email or voice mail when not needed. Use an iPhone 3G phone and many smartphones to receive and make cell phone calls. Internet connection through 3G broadband may not be available. While attending the 2008 Bike Rally, 3G and EDGE networks will be tested. 3G coverage may not be possible.

More information on AT&T Wireless Cell Phone Plan for Mexico and how to use cell phones and an iPhone in Mexico and Internationally.

Items to Bring on Your Trip

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