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Between 1927 and 1940, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy starred in 62 short films and 13 feature fill length films (not counting numerous cameo roles in others' films). Read more about the Laurel and Hardy story.

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  • "Flying Dueces" In 1939, this was the first comedy film that Laurel and Hardy starred without thier former producer Hal Roach.
  • Laurel and Hardy "This is Your Life" This is the classic TV episode of "This Is Your Life" with Ralph Edwards. This video features Laurel and Hardy in their later years. This is the only time the comedy team both appeared together on live television.
  • "Flat Tire" is the classic slapstick comedy where Laurel & Hardy go out for a ride, but get a flat tire instead. This film was released August 10, 1929 by MGM Studio and was produced by Hal Roach.

New Stan & Ollie hit home video

Stan & Ollie, starring John C Reilly and Steve Coogan will be premiering on iTunes, Amazon Video, DVD and Blue Rayand now fans across the globe will be able to own original pieces from Laurel and Hardy’s glory days. Stan and Ollie enthusiasts can enjoy the amazing new film in the pleasure of their own home while keeping the spirit of the world-renowned tag team alive by collecting their very own original Stan and Ollie memorabilia.

From Amazon: Stan and Ollie [DVD] [2019]


Laurel & Hardy fans across the globe now have the chance to own one-of-a-kind, extremely rare, memorabilia collected throughout the years of the dynamic-duo’s comedic work together.

Screenbid, Hollywood’s leading auction site, is pleased to present a recently unearthed collection of Laurel & Hardy ephemera that spans the globe and goes as far back as the 1920's when Stan and Ollie were just beginning to work together. Hundreds of items will be available to introduce newbies into the world of Laurel and Hardy, as well as long time collectors as they will be able to own a rich part of the Stan and Ollie heritage. This is one collection that simply put, shows the worldwide appeal of these two legendary comedians.

Among the items in this auction include: personalized and autographed letters Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and film producer Hal Roach sent to fans spanning five decades, original press books including "Babes In Toyland", "Swiss Miss", and "Atoll K", Walt Disney Studios sketches of Laurel & Hardy, Domestic and Foreign Posters for their feature films and some of the two reel short subjects including, "Twice Two", "The Midnight Patrol", and Going Bye, Bye", STAX publicity photos, and life size Statues of Stan and Ollie.

In addition, Screenbid will have original Stan and Ollie lobby cards, posters, press clippings, inserts, standees, comic books and so much more from their silent and sound films. All merchandise will be sold with an official Studio Certificate of Authenticity.

Laurel & Hardy Books, Exhibits and More


The Hollywood Museum unveils its new exhibit, "100 Years of Hal Roach Studios: Laurel & Hardy, 'Our Gang' and Harold Lloyd" in honor of the Hollywood icon's centennial, opened to the public in 2014. The exhibit contains authentic photos, costumes and props from the rich history of Hal Roach Studios and the legendary talents that emanated from there in the early 1900s. 

The Library of Congress unveiled “The Survival of American Silent Feature Films: 1912-1929,” the first comprehensive survey of American feature films that survived the silent era of motion pictures. Read about Preserving Silent Movies.

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