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Tarzan and the Green Goodess

TarzanThis is an edited version of the 1935 serial and sequel to "The New Adventures of Tarzan."

At his English manor, Lord Greystoke - aka Tarzan - recounts his recent adventures in Guatemala. He had been there assisting Major Martling and Ula Vale in their quest for the Green Goddess, a totem worshipped by a primitive jungle tribe inside of which was hidden a formula for a super-explosive.

They had successfully wrestled this totem from the natives and were heading back to Livingston when they were attacked by Raglan, a thug sent to steal the Green Goddess and its formula for Hiram Powers' personal use, and the Goddess is seized from them.

TarzanOn the trail of Raglan, they had to deal with his henchmen and also a party of the primitives, sent by the High Priest to retrieve the Goddess.

With the Goddess still in Raglan's hands, they were seized by the natives and Tarzan locked in a small cell with a loosely-tethered lion, Ula in an adjacent cell under guard from a hideous jungle hag, and Martling being forced to watch his bumbling valet, George, being tortured by the natives with the assistance of a nameless expatriate white scientist who had joined forces with the primitives. Written by Rich Wannen {[email protected]}

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Director: Edward A. Kull
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

Cast of Characters:
Bruce Bennett...Tarzan (as Herman Brix)
Ula Holt...Ula Vale
Frank Baker...Major Martling
Ashton Dearholt...Raglan (as Don Castello)
Lewis Sargent...George (as Lew Sargent)
Jack Mower...Capt. Blade

Creative Commons license: Public Domain


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