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Glenn Morris in "Tarzan's Revenge"

TarzanIn the 1938 film production of "Tarzan's Revenge," Eleanor and her parents are hunting big game, acompanied by her wimpish fiance.

Ben lleu Bey wants to add her to his 100-woman harem. Tarzan wants her too. Written by Ed Stephan {[email protected]}. This movie is in the public domain. Since the U.S. copyright has expired, this movie can be watched online and downloaded free. There are no charges or registration required.

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TarzanCast of Characters:
Glenn Morris...Tarzan
Eleanor Holm...Eleanor 'Ellen' Reed
George Barbier...Roger 'Rodge' Reed
C. Henry Gordon...Ben Alleu Bey
Hedda Hopper...Penny Reed
Joe Sawyer...Olaf Punch (as Joseph Sawyer)
George Meeker...Nevin 'Nev' Potter
Corbet Morris...Jigger, Nevin's Servant
John Lester Johnson...Koki, Chief Bea

Released: January 7, 1938.

Director: D. Ross Lederman
Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Robert Lee Johnson (screenplay)

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