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Download and watch online free movies and video about tsunami storms. These video are shot by people who experienced these disasters and are in the public domain.

Tsunami videoWatch and download the Tsunami at Patong Beach video by Paul Schumann. This video about the disasterous tsunami in Thailand on December 26, 2004. The video is 2 minutes long and is in the public domain. This tsunami wave came ashore at Koh Raya near Phuket Island.

Disaster Date: December 26, 2004

This is amateur video of the 2004 Southeast Asian Indonesia tsunami that killed an excess of 300,000 people, injured hundreds of thousands and made millions homeless, jobless and family-less.

Watch and download this free Tsunami at Patong Beach video footage taken as the flood waters rose. Virtually experience the tremendous force that destroyed lives and altered the earth's form.

These amateur tsunami video movies were contributed by the videographers - tourists and local residents - who were standing on hotel balconies and other areas to film the powerful force of nature devouring everything in its path.

The tsunami wave pictures show some of the devestation and fright residents and tourists experienced when the tsunami waves rolled on the land and devoured everything in its paths for miles inland destroying coastlines of 10 nations in Southest Asia.

These movie clips are the actual raw videos of some of the tsunami news footage seen on TV. All tsunami pics are property of their respective videographers and courtesy through archive.org.

Actual video footag taken during the tsunami.

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