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Spears does it again! Marriage!

Another marriage for Britney Spears- the second this year- was announced by Britney, 22, and her fiance dancer Kevin Federline, 26. They married Saturday, September 19, 2004 in a surprise wedding ceremony at a private home in the Studio City, CA area. About two dozen people attended.

In January, Britney married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander in another surprise wedding nine months earlier in Las Vegas, NV. The two quickly annulled their marriage 56 hours later. They admitted it was an impulse marriage- a joke gone too far.

Federline was in the move "You Got Served." He performed as a dancer for singer Justin Timberlake, Birtney's former boyfriend.

(Update 10/19/04) Britney Federline- she prefers it that way now. She recently accounced that she wants to take his last name and start a family next year. According to a recent interview in Bunte, a German magazine.

"Next year, when I'm 23, I'll be ready," she said according to the magazine. She will continue her music career, she said.

Her marriage to Kevin Federline was confirmed with a formal filing on October 7, 2004, according to her publicist.

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