Ringo Starr

Postcard from the Boys

By Ringo Starr

"Postcards from the Boys will delight Fab Four connoisseurs and send writers scurrying to revise their biographies."

London Sunday Times Magazine

For the first time, Ringo Starr is opening his private archive to share over 50 never-before-seen delightful and very intimate postcards sent to him throughout the years from John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

Ringo let it be known that he loved mail, so whenever John, Paul; or George would go anywhere, they would send Ringo a postcard.

Whether it's John advising Ringo to record a "great & simple" -song like Blondie's "Heart of Glass, Paul and Jane Asher dropping a note from Rishikesh to report on their meditation lessons with the Maharishi, or George writing from the Great Barrier Reef to confirm plans for Christmas dinner, each postcard is a warm and personal snapshot of life in (and after) The Beatles.

A lenticular postcard on bpe cover features shots of both Ringo today and the Fab Four shopping for postcards.circa1963.

The postcards- many of which are covered in whimsical drawings - are colorfully reproduced, both front and back. Ringo's entertaining commentary fills in the blanks, offering a h'uly unique look at the Beatles.

About the Author
On The Beatles' demise in 1969, Ringo Starr embarked on a successful solo career scoring hit records on both sides of the Atlantic with such albums as Sentimental Journey and Ringo, as well as the US Number One single 'Photograph', co-written with George Harrison.

At the same time, the acting talents he'd shown on Beatles' films such as Hard Day's Night and Help! were put to use in further bigscreen roles, most notably alongside Peter Sellers in Tire Magic Christian.

Since 1990, Ringo has toured frequently with his All Starr Band. He recently performed at The Albert Hall as part of a star-studded tribute to his late friend George Harrison.

Paul McCartney has called him "the greatest rock 'n' roll drununer in the world." His latest solo release, Ringo Rama, was released in 2003. This is his first book.

From Ringo Starr:

"It's interesting that the apartment I had in Montague Square was where John and Yoko got together - they stayed there first and Jimi Hendrix stayed after them. And then I had the house in Weybridge where John and Yoko then went to live and then we ended up in Tittenhurst which they lived in too. It was just like musical chairs.

This was when he was doing Self Portrait, you know his manhood rising film. We just drove over one day co visit and he's standing there with his camera crew. He couldn't get it up and Yoko's there going, 'Jooooohn! Jooooohn!' He got it up in the end.

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"Postcards From The Boys" by Ringo Starr"

Ringo loved to receive mail, especially from his band mates. Didn't matter much what the notes said—"everything here is still going well, except we miss you," "doing nothing at all" or "YOU ARE THE GREATEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD"—he saved them, and now, 38 years later, they are all published in this colorful book of memories of the Beatles and Ringo's profound life.

"Ringo" CD

Ringo Starr's various late-career All Star bands may have been somewhat shaggy, nostalgia-laden affairs, but they found a warm reception with audiences far and wide. But the concept of Starr gathering a roster of stellar musician friends in a comfortable, partylike atmosphere was hardly a new one.