Shatner's no hasbeen

Jack Hoff
Entertainment Magazine

William Shatner's new CD "Has Been" may not be an apt description of this man's career- unless he is referring to "has been HERE." He has been everywhere.

As one of the two former Star Trek stars on the current commerials (Leonard Nimoy, "Dr Spock," is the other), Shatner keeps himself busy dabbling in a variety of things.

He also has a starring role in the ABC-TV series "Boston Legal."

Shatner, 73, just doesn't stop. His musical collaboration with Ben Fold, "Has Been" has been (ha-ha) released. He's come a long way from his best known musical diaster "The Transformed Man," a 1968 classic. His mundane recital of Beatles and Bob Dylan songs has been held up to be more of a comical release than musical endeavor.

The Star Trek series lasted until 1969. After that Shatner resurfaced when the first of the "Star Trek" series began in 1979. During the 1980s, he had a hit TV series "T.J. Hooker," where he was a police officer.

Through the years, he starred on "3rd Rock from the Sun," a series about aliens living on Earth. Shatner was nominated for an Emmy Award for the role. Shatner also appeared in several "Twighlight Zone" eposides. Shater recently received an Emmy for his appearance in "The Practice" as Denny Crane. Now, the Crane character appears on "Boston Legal."

Capt. Kirk has come a long way.

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For years, William Shatner's attitude toward Star Trek conventions was strictly professional: he'd typically fly in the day of his appearance, go straight from the airport to the stage, and then leave as quickly as possible.

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