Templedom: UK Band

Bio: Damien aka Big D

I am from Georgia (USA). I came to England to study music at Luton University. I’ve been writing music and lyrics ever since I can remember.

I am influenced by 2 pac. I have a flair for poetry that I have developed into a rapping style.

I asked Timmy b if he wanted to do a tune together. I wrote a couple of lines for a song and he ran with it and created what you now know as All in All.

Since then I have joined his band Templedom on a Two Album deal, we have written and recorded four more tunes since then and hope to go LARGE with all that we do.


Bio: Tim Bulmer aka Timmy b

I started out in the late 80’s with a reggae band (Harmonic Vibes). We supported such bands as Third World, Steal Pulse, Freddie Mcgregor.

Our first ever gig was played to 2000 peeps at the Leicester Polytechnic University now known as the DMU.

Since then I have been working in various occupations including theatre, film making and music for film (teaching),.

My ultimate dream is to make Templedom a world wide success.

I have been married and have 3 lovely children that I adore.

I have always been into music production and have my own (home) recording studio in which All in All was recorded and mixed.

The Album (Forever Awesome) has 15 songs with diverse and varied music styles as we want to appeal to as many listeners as possible.

Templedom Mission Statement

We endeavour to serve our listeners, be kind, pleasant, understanding at all times and appreciative of their thoughts positive or negative towards us. We are motivated by a global urge to spread our music to all Four Corners of the earth, to do what ever is necessary in achieving that end in the fairest and most legal ways possible.

We endeavour in treating others, as we would like to be treated ourselves, to spread the word of Truth about our planet and its I’ll fated political system, to bring understanding to the masses through our music, lyrics and melodies. To quench the soul and cleanse the hearts of all those that look up to us, we endeavour to be their friends and colleges and work together equally for a common end.

For more info please log into www.myspace.com/templedom  

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