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Cirque du Soleil Beatles "Love" stands in a class by itself

By Lynn Marie

Cirque shows have always been difficult to describe.

The shows have made a name for themselves, particularly in sin city.  The most famous has to be The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage. With all the choices of Cirque Du Soleil shows in this glamour city, if you like The Beatles music, LOVE is the right show for you.

Cirque du Soleil Beatles "LOVE"

With over sixty performers dancing, acrobatics, aerial acts and amazing costumes, all to the music of the Beatles, you could see this show several times and still come away with something  you’ve missed before.
This multi media live theatre event takes you on a state of the art odyssey based on the songs of the Beatles and using the band’s actual original recordings.

The unique seating of the theatre and the surround sound make the show an evening to remember.   Although Love has been around since June of 2006 many people are aware of the show but don’t quite understand what the performance is all about. 
It’s true it celebrates the musical legacy of the “Fab Four” in a custom-built theatre with 360 degree seating.  The nostalgic journey is celebrated with over 600 stage and acrobatic props.    The performers, sets and costumes are mind-blowing.  The cirque acrobatics and images are there to provide the music with visual impressions.

Most people might imagine the Beatles music as the real stars of the show but the stunning display of visual effects by the performers is the thunder and lightning of this Vegas extravaganza.
Love begins with Love and ends its 95 minute journey with Love.  The show is entertaining to the eyes and ears.  It’s non-stop from beginning to end. 
I consider Love to be the ultimate destination weekend.

Get tickets to Cirque du Soleil - Love - at The Mirage and one of the other residents Cirque shows KA, O or Mystere.  It will be a splendid and an unforgettable LOVE experience.

Photo above: Octopus’ Garden, Picture credit: Tomas Muscionico. Costume credit: Philippe Guillotel

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Tickets to "LOVE" from the Mirage

Discounted tickets with online purchase at Cirque du Soleil - Love - at The Mirage

Purchase tickets online and reserve your seat directly with the Mirage. Read Details about the perofrmance, see Theatre Seating Map, purchase tickets and "All Together Now" DVD.

The Beatles "Love" is performed at The Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday through Monday at 7:00 and 10:00 pm.


This DVD is the soundtrack album of the show was released in November 2006. TRACK LISTING DISC 1 1. The Beatles (& Cirque du Soleil) - All Together Now documentary (84:00) 2. Changing The Music (22:00): An in - depth look at the decision to rework and remix the Beatles music for the show 3. The Beatles (& Cirque du Soleil) - Music In The Theatre (09:00): A look at the process of creating the LOVE show's unique audio design in the theater 4. The Beatles (& Cirque du Soleil) - Making `LOVE' (10:00) A backstage pass to explore the design of "LOVE," including the art direction, costumes, props, screen imagery and the use of The Beatles' voices in the stage production and soundtrack.