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View and print Las Vegas area maps

Getting around with a reliable Las Vegas city map is difficult because of so many new roads, freeways and subdivisions. Google maps for Las Vegas, NV make it easy.

Those large, detail Las Vegas maps that used to be widely available at gas stations, hotels and other facilities are now almost impossible to find. If you do find one, it is probably not free any longer. Tourist maps, with only major streets and points of interest or commercial business locations, are the replacement. They may not be complete or have the detail needed for the smaller city streets.

While GPS and Navigation options have begun to replace traditional poster-sized maps, a printed map is still useful, especially when a GPS unit is not available or cannot receive a signal.

When our staff travels to a new location, we print out sections of Internet maps. The high quality, detailed maps are a better option than purchasing quickly outdated road maps.

How to create your own Las Vegas street map

The best method to obtain Las Vegas street maps, traffic and satellite maps, is to use Google's aerial map (see right column).

  • ZOOM IN: Click the + (plus) sign to zoom closer to the streets of Las Vegas. Move around the map with your mouse.
  • PRINT MAP: print a copy from your printer. Print several parts of a larger map.
  • CUT & PASTE (with paper and scissors), a larger more complete city map.

How to Use Google's Las Vegas City Map

Click on the Google Map or Larger Map Link to enlarge the map.

Type in the address, Las Vegas zip code or just the street name to begin your search. Use the Map button link to view by street name. Select the Street button to view street level images.

Use the Satellite button to see Las Vegas, NV from space down to street level; and click the Hybrid button to see an overlay of street names and roadways on top of the satellite view.

Click the Traffic button to see local traffic flows. Google Maps can be printed in color. Use Google's map on a wifi network connection when you need to locate a place quickly while on the run.

Print the map by sections. The print and cut method is best when no printed maps of the areas are available.


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Google Las Vegas Street View Maps

View Larger Map of Las Vegas

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