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Tips on tipping in Las Vegas

First time visitors to Las Vegas may have culture shock. Las Vegas is a fast moving, money generating machine.

From the time visitors leave the McCarran International Airport, a constant flow of services are offered: carry your bags, taxi to the Strip, help with your wheelchair or shuttle you to the hotel.

Each time you encounter someone in a service situation in Las Vegas, a tip is encouraged. Virtually all drivers, carriers, assistants, waiters/waitresses and maids rely on tips for much of their income.

Tipping rules in Las Vegas vary with the amount to tip and the quality of service.

  • Airport baggage assistance, $1-2 per bag.
  • Special needs (personal wheelchair assistance), $5 or more per person.
  • Taxi driver, 15-20% of charges.
  • Waitperson, 18-20% of bill before taxes. Buffet service is tipped at the table like regular table service.
  • Casino cocktail server, $1 per drink. Casino floor drinks are complimentary, but the serve is tipped.
  • Hotel maid, $5-10 a night stay.
  • Valet, $1-2. Parking at hotels and casinos are often complimentary, but the valet is tipped.

When you encounter the same person again, they may remember your generosity or stinginess.

It is customary, when using coupons, to calculate the tip from the total price before the discount. Don't stiff the server when you get your discount. Taxes are not calculated in the tip.

Need wheelchair assistance? It's a snap in Vegas

Access at the airport, in the casinos and hotels is easy with improvements made because of The American Disabilities Act.

Complimentary wheelchairs are available at the airport by request. Make arrangements at your departing airport before you board. Some airport shuttles accommodate electric scooters.

There are rental wheelchairs and electric scooters available at most hotel-casinos. Rates for standard chairs start at $25 a day and decrease daily with additional days. Electric scooter rental begin around $40-48 a day and also decrease daily when more than one day is reserved. Accommodations to rooms, shows and games are also handicap accessible. Call your Las Vegas hotel Concierge prior to your arrival for arrangements.

If you need assistance to steer your wheelchair, a customery tip of $2-5 is suggested.

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