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Mobile dating attraction is worldwide

Cell phone dating is fast becoming the best way to meet singles online or by phone today.

Mobile dating uses apps or web sites to make online connections through text, voice and video chats. This makes it easier, amd cheaper, to meet other singles across the planet. Mobile cell phone dating is most popular in Germany, France, India, UK and Japan. See international dating sites and apps in Canada and UK

The U.S. lags behind European and Asian countries. Most apps and sites accept international visitors and many offer free trial memberships. Discover free mobile phone dating trials from the web's most popular mobile dating sites.

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EMOL.org has approved affiliations with reliable national and international web sites and apps that allow free searches, free profiles, introductory offers and other benefits.

The fastest way to meet singles from around the world by using your cell phone, mobile device or phone to meet new people. Find out more about mobile dating.

Most Popular Mobile Dating Sites

  • eHarmony matches quality singles. Free to Review Your Matches! eHarmony has enjoyed - and helped its members to enjoy – outstanding success. Tens of thousands of members have met and created matches that have resulted in hundreds of marriages, and thousands of relationships that are going strong. eHarmony Canada Membership available. Click to receive a FREE Compatibility Profile on eHarmony ($50 Value).
  • Matchmaker.com


Asian Dating

Find True Love with Asian Woman!

  • AsianBeauties.com is premier on-line dating resource where men from around the world meet thousands of women from Asia for romance relationships and marriage. All female members are real and available for all offered services. Asian women always have been the subject of mystery and allure to Western men. Each year thousands of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian women are married to Western men principally through relationships that initiated online. Browse 100s of Asian women profiles. Eligible countries United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Australia and South Africa.
  • Japanese-Jewish Dating - Jewish Asian are a rare connection.

Jewish Dating Sites

Singles Over 30

Free Skype video

Skype uses your wireless or broadband connection to make voice and video calls over the internet. Skype’s free downloadable software allows you to talk, instant message and make video calls to anyone else of Skype for free. You can also call phones and mobiles and send text messages at great rates. With Skype you can make free calls over the Internet. Skype - the whole world can talk for free

PC dating still popular, but mobile is quicker

The traditional way to meet singles online has been through PC and Mac web-based services.

These online match-making companies, and a growing number of other choice services, provide specialized searching for singles by country, sex and desires. Other smaller sites specialize in racial, religious or preference interests.

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Get Your Dating Groove Back

If you've been out of the dating loop for a while, coming back can be a bit intimidating.

But don't forget that dating is meant to be fun, and just like riding a bike, with a bit of practice you'll soon be back at it and popping proverbial wheelies. Read top online and phone dating tips will help ease you off the sofa and into the dating fast lane in no time. Read more...

Other online web dating sites, aware of his presence, did not take the same immediate action.

Online dating companies should place member safety first and foremost. The convenience and anonymity of the Internet makes dating wonderfully convenient for many people, but it also gives predators access to thousands of online dating profiles for malicious purposes.

By preventing this convicted sexual predator from accessing online dating sites, TRUE.com has made the online dating world a little safer.

A SODA coalition member, TRUE.com is considering donating all funds from the settlement to further SODA's legislative and education initiatives.

These initiatives include supporting legislation to help prevent sexual and financial crimes in online dating, raising public awareness of safer online dating practices and encouraging online dating companies to implement proactive measures to support the safety of their members. More information can be found at http://www.saferonlinedating.org/ .

The Safer Online Dating Alliance is a broad-based network of supporters from across the nation committed to improving online safety and preventing cyber crime and sexual assault. For more information, visit our website at http://www.saferonlinedating.org/ .

Singles News Articles

New Survey of American Teens Reveals Shocking Levels of Teen Dating Abuse and Violence

Online Dating Just Got a Little Safer

The Safer Online Dating Alliance applauds the announcement that a convicted sexual predator was removed from a top online dating site and banned from all dating and relationship sites.

This landmark settlement sends a powerful message that member safety should be the primary concern for online dating companies and sets an example for other online dating companies to follow.

"It is encouraging that online dating companies are beginning to make safety a top priority," said Celeste Moyers, program director for the Safer Online Dating Alliance. "If just one sexual assault is prevented through safer online dating practices, it is well worth the effort."

In November 2005, according to court records, a convicted sex offender from California accessed several online dating sites, including TRUE.com, and violated TRUE's membership criteria by denying his criminal record. The court documents contend a female TRUE.com member familiar with the sex offender's record alerted TRUE and other online dating companies.

Press reports state TRUE.com investigated the claim, removed the sexual predator's profile from its site, alerted their members who had been in contact with him, and filed a civil lawsuit against him.

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