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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Tucson with special events

Thanksgiving in Tucson is often spent eating turkey with a friends or relatives. This year, there are numerous other things outside the house to do throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona this Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

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Tucson Thanksgiving Day Events

Events coming soon. Submit your Tucson event listings for free. Please include the dates, times of your activity, a short description and contact information (include a phone number, web site link or email address for public contact). No attachments, please.

It’s the time of year so many people dread. Just when the last of the Halloween candy is either consumed or discarded; BAM! Thanksgiving. And the sugar binge begins anew. Before you start dreaming about the pumpkin pie and stuffing, consider this: On average, Americans tend to gain weight over the holidays every year, and it often accumulates over time. Continue reading about Seven Strategies to Not Overindulge During Holidays.

  • Thanksgiving at Maynards Market & Kitchen on November 22 | 12pm - 7:30pm | $55. Create new traditions this holiday at Maynards Market & Kitchen with your family and friends! Dine with us to experience an exquisite prix fixe four-course menu.

  • Tucson Hilton East Hotel will present a Thanksgiving brunch on Thursday, November 22, 10:30am with last guest seating at 2:30pm. The buffet features traditional fare

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This calendar has been produced to assist you in making travel arrangements. It is for information only and does not constitute a recommendation. Dates for events were correct at time of publication. Since dates are occasionally changed, please confirm them in advance.


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