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TIAA renames concourses

As part of the Concourse Renovation Project, Tucson International Airport plans to rename the concourses effective March 19-20, 2008. Instead of gate numbers, passengers will be directed to gate letters and numbers.

For example Gate 23 will become A4.

The A concourse (formerly Gates 20-28) will handle departure gates for American, ExpressJet, Frontier and Southwest. The B concourse (formerly Gates 3-14) will house Aeromexico Connect (formerly Aerolitoral), Alaska, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Northwest, United, and US Airways.

Airline boarding passes distributed at ticket counters, SkyCap podiums, and electronically, will reflect the change. The change will also be reflected on the Flight Information Display monitors, airport literature and website, terminal paging announcements and the signs and lead lines on the tarmac directing pilots to the gates.

For the time being, International arrivals will continue to use Gates 1 and 2 at the International Building immediately west of the main terminal. International departures operated by Aeromexico Connect will continue to operate from B11.

“We are confident this will be a seamless transition for airport users,” said TAA Vice President of Planning and Development, Jill Merrick. “Most people use their boarding pass to determine where they need to go, and then follow airport terminal signage to reach their destination.

“We intend to have dual signage at the gates for at least a week prior to the official changeover,” explained Ms. Merrick. “This should give airport employees and frequent visitors an opportunity to acclimate to the change.”

Download New Terminal Map (488kb PDF)

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