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The Tucson, Arizona metropolitan area is now home to more than a million people. Getting around with a reliable Tucson city map is difficult because of the many new roads and subdivisions built in the past few years.

The Tucson City Maps Index has several online sources for up to date maps of Tucson, including the popular Google Maps with street view.

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Requesting printed maps

Tucson city maps, bus and bicycle maps, can also be requested from the City of Tucson or download from their web site at: http://www.tucsonaz.gov/maps.html

Tucson Map Web Links

  • Tucson Metro Bike Map (link) The Tucson Metro Bike Map is provided by Pima Association of Governments' member jurisdictions. It was created by the Pima County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program. The map area includes Tucson, South Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita and Pima County.
  • City of Tucson Area Online Maps (link) View and download maps on property information, transportation, city maps and more. Some of the maps may require a plug-in.
  • Pima County Department of Transportation (link) Online maps and GIS, roadway improvements.


How to get free Tucson maps

The large, detail Tucson maps that used to be widely available at gas stations, hotels and other facilities are now almost impossible to find. If you do find one, it is probably not free any longer.

Less expensive, free methods, to get a map of Tucson without cost include printing street maps from services like Google Maps, Bing's Maps or MapQuest.

Free tourist maps, with only major streets and points of interest or commercial business locations, are another option. They may not be complete or have the detail needed for the smaller city streets. Read more about Tucson city maps

Google adds Tucson street view maps

The best online method to obtain Tucson street maps, traffic and satellite maps, is to use Google's aerial map program for Tucson, AZ.

Google's Tucson map provides detail views of almost every street in Tucson. View buildings, road signs as if you were standing there. Take your mouse for a walk around Tucson city streets, zoom in and out for a closer look.

Type a Tucson address in the search box and Google will highlight the location with a pin point. Zoom down to the closest level, then go to the street view for your best look.

Links to Tucson web cams

Links to Tucson City Maps from Amazon

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Exploring Tucson's long history

Learn about Tucson's history. Read and download several stories about Tucson's early pioneer days. Tucson lays claim to being one of the oldest settlements in the United States, ranking as to age next after San Augustine, Florida, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Spanish history in Tucson can be traced back to 1649, when a military station was established by the Spaniards to protect the Mission of San Xavier. The area was occupied by Native Americans for over 10,000 years before. Read more about Tucson's history.

TucsonArizona's Gold Rush

The Santa Catalina mountains has been experiencing a gold rush for hundreds of years. Arizona's gold rush is still going on.

Just below Mt. Lemmon lies one of the great stories of the search for gold in the mountains- the lost city and the lost Iron Door mine.

Today, a quick drive to the Catalinas reveals that hidden treasures still do exist. Explore the historical records that account for that thousands of pounds of gold and gold in quartz that has been extracted from the Catalina mountains. Read about Arizona's Gold Rush.


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