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How to Spell Tucson

If you spell Tucson as Tuscon, Tuscan or Tuson, don't feel bad. Knowing the correct spelling is a secret.

The correct spelling is T-u-c-s-o-n.

If you're looking for a Tuscany vacation, you came to the wrong place, unless you meant Tucson, Arizona, USA.

It is a common mistake to confuse the spelling of the second largest city in Arizona.

Even though it is pronounced as too-sahn, most people outside the Old Pueblo call it tuk-sun. It sounds like it should be spelt as tus-on.

The Indians who lived at the foot of A Mountain over a thousand years ago called this area tuk-son- "at the foot of black mountain."

Most likely the black refers to the vulcanic ash found embedded among salt deposits in the nearby Santa Rita Mountains, west of Downtown Tucson (AZ).


The most common spelling errors for Tucson is Tuscon, az where the c and s are inverted. Some people even look for Hynundai Tuscon and or the Tuscon Daily Star (they really mean the Arizona Daily Star or the Tucson Citizen, out two daily newspapers).

So, if you really meant to find Tucson real estate and not Tuscan real estate or Tuscon real estate or homes for sale, you've found the right place. Our site provides MLS and access to top realty and real estate agents.

If you are planning to travel to Tucson, you can still reach our city and find a hotel to stay. Sometimes, even the hotels print the wrong spelling on their Web sites. Our site has all your needs to make reservations for airlines, car rentals, hotels and dining. Tourism can still be found even if you spell Tuscon, AZ instead. It did bring you here.

Even conventions have the wrong spelling for the City of Tuscon name in their brochures (sometimes, the City of Tucson has goofed with typos). Newspapers make similar mistakes. So do Web sites. There are almost 200,000 webs pages on Google in Aug 2004 that have the words 'Tuscon.' No wonder some people get lost in the desert.

Old Tuscon Film Studios is actually spelt Old Tucson. But you can still find it through our site. We created the original Old Tucson site in 1995 before the tragic fire that nearly destroy the movie studio. We feature photos and information and directions to the official web site.

Our web site features weather and information about tourism. People who vacation in Tucson enjoy it more when they have an idea of the area first. If you haven't been here in years, it has grown and you can see it bulging at the seams.

If you are looking for a golf course or a home or most anything Tucson, take a look through our web site- and remember- T U C S O N.

(when you are in Tucson, if you spell it as Tuscon or Tuscan, people look at you strangely- they know you are a tourist!)

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