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Papa Ranger in the News

This short article about Tucson reggae master Ranger was published in a recent reggae festival guide magazine. Free copies of the guide are available at the Twelve Tribes Reggae Shop at the new location at 708 E. 9th St in Tucson, Arizona.

Caribbean Island in the Midst of the Arizona Desert

Papa Ranger Twelve Tribes ReggaeA small piece of JA brought to life by Papa Ranger, Tucson, AZ

Ranger say, "I mon nah try get rich, it just mi culture.  Mi a bring di flavor of Jamaica here cause impossible to bring Jamaica"

Reggae music lives at Twelve Tribes, every day, all day, like yah heartbeat.  Many Jamaican artists stop here as they tour the states. 

They share their music with Tucson's reggae massive, update us on news from the island and look for some yard food. 

Ranger is known as much for his cookin' as for his music.  After a recent concert Eek A Mouse recorded a dub plate in the dancehall. 
Eeka dun say, "pass a next plate Ranger, di food wicked." 
The food is good here at the Shop.  In the evening when the sun is settin' the dutchie goes on the fiyah.  The tempting smell of Jamaican food drifts through the night air. 

Passersby often stop and ask us "food done yet?" assuming the shop is also a restaurant.  They come looking not just for music but for a taste of Jamaica.
"A won irie likkle place."

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