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"Zucker" means sugar in German. But not all Zuckers are, or were, German.

The Zucker family surname is now more common than it used to be. There are more Zucker's around the world than ever before.

The Zucker name probably orignated somewhere in the regions of Austria, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Bavaria and Poland. The original Zuckers were probably originally workers specializing in the production or refining of sugar or sugar products (hence, zucker which means sugar in German). Many German born Zuckers are Christian, while others are Jewish. Some Zuckers were told their families (probably on the mother's side) came from Spain in 1942, when Jews were being expelled from the country.

A large number of Zucker relatives emigrated to the United States around the turn of the 20th Century. Most made their homes in New York, while others settled in Ohio and the midwest.

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