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GQ Exclusive: Brad Pitt 'American Idol'

In the June issue of GQ, Brad Pitt gives his first interview since the break-up of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Over the course of two evenings in L.A., he talks with features editor Lucy Kaylin about the rumors surrounding his divorce, his relationship with Aniston, whether he will re-marry, adopting a child, the paparazzi, and that radioactive name Angelina.

Inspired by Pitt's passion for remodeling houses, photographer Mario Testino spent two days shooting the TK portfolio on the back lot of Paramount Studios, creating veritable construction site-scenes.

On the rumor that he wanted kids but Aniston didn't: "That was one version," Pitt says, vigorously and absentmindedly rubbing the top of his head, "and total bullshit, by the way."

On the break-up: He pleadingly attributes it to "not one thing; it's so complex and multifaceted."

"Anything worth anything is a beast. The thing I don't understand is looking at this as a failure. It's talked about like it failed, I guess because it wasn't flawless. Me, I embrace the messiness of life. I find it so beautiful, actually."

On the rumor that Angelina Jolie was a factor: "And it's pretty much still going that way, is what I hear. Jen and I have felt pretty impervious to it all. We have not seen a thing, so that we can carry on in this new incarnation with the love we still have for each other. My attitude was, say what you want, we're not playing."

On his visits to Africa and adopting a child: "I'm telling you, you just wanna take 'em [the orphans] up in your arms and take as many with you as you can."

"I don't know how I can't [adopt] now, seeing what I've seen. Yeah -- it makes all the sense in the world to me. I'm going back in a couple of weeks. There's some kids I want to visit; it's as much for me as them."

On Jolie's influence: I certainly respect what she's done, but many people have been [working to alleviate poverty and AIDS]. Bono especially - and yeah, her as well. And a host of others. She contributes staggering amounts of money - staggering amounts. In fact, she probably makes money so she can give more away. That seems to be more her concern than films."

On quitting acting: "I don't think I'll do it forever. It's a younger man's game. I've got a few years left of a good run. And truthfully, I'm interested in other things now. Like family."

On fatherhood: "I'll be able to figure it out when I get there. I have great faith in that. I'm just really aware of the responsibility of putting your life second, and your job is to show this little one around the world. It's what makes sense to me. It would have been harder for me when I was younger, because I've always been Shackleton, in some way. Always wanted to explore and go on the drift ... "

On remarrying: "I can't even think that way, trying to decipher what this new incarnation is, and still feeling the aroma of what was, and my Jen, and what it's gonna be. I'm not ready to think that way yet, and I think she'd say the same."

"I'm not worried that it's not gonna happen. I'll make it happen. You go make the things that you want."

On whether he'd marry someone who's not a celebrity: "No, because I like so much the people I've spent time with. I've had great experiences, great schooling, great laughs."

On his relationship with Aniston: "There's a beauty in our coming together, there's a beauty in our time together, and there's a beauty in this, for us. I'm actually really proud of us. We've done it another way - we've done it our way, and I love her for that. We've kept the love we have for each other."

"We really put everything on the table. We didn't hide who we were or what we wanted in any way. I think it was bold on our parts and really successful."

On the idea that marriage has to be forever: "That I don't understand. I still really believe in it. I'm sure there are some dark nights coming, but that's the deal - that's part of it."

On his kinship with the Hollywood fraternity: "I'm not sure what I really mean by this, but there's just a few of us ... like when you go to the Golden Globes and you look across the room, it's like a convention for all of us who've been cut off, in a way. We can relate to each other because we've all experienced the same thing. It's a different life."

On the paparazzi: "Outside our house, mine and Jen's, we had teams there every day. You'd have one team of three cars, a secondary team of three cars. And you'd drag 'em across town, but some days you just didn't want to play. They're really nasty out here. I mean, some of the things they've said during mine and Jen's split - things that are just deliberately said to get a rise out of her, just truly cruel - make me want to punch their lights out. And more toward Jen than me, which made me even more mad, because Jen's an easier target. Grown men saying awful, despicable things. Things that a normal father or husband or brother would go and kill them for."

"I don't expect anyone to have any sympathy, but they're horrendous, man, and I take great pride in being their nemesis. There's no respect. It's a blood sport: They hate us and we hate them."

Kaylin's interview with Brad Pitt, "American Idol," appears in the June 2005 issue of GQ, on newsstands nationwide May 24. GQ is the leading men's general-interest magazine and part of Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

Source: GQ
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