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HFC home mortgage loans

For more than 125 years, HFC has built a tradition of helping people with a full spectrum of home mortgage and equity loan types.

Refinance your home loan to reduce your high interest loans and monthly payments with HFC. An HFC Express Equity Loan can be used to pay off bills, or lower monthly payments. HFC can help even those with less than perfect credit reach their home ownership goals.

With the drop in interest rates for 15 and 30 year loans, many banks have been gearing up their loan departments and considering more requests.

While there are dozens of mortgage companies with a variety of rates and range of closing costs, it is advisable to get at least three quotes. It is strongly suggested to check your credit reports and get your credit score before seeking a loan or refinance.

Once any one of your requests are made for a quote, you can also become pre-qualified for a period of time (usually three months) to decide to close.


HFC Express Equity Loan

  • Cover an important purchase or pay off high-interest credit cards
  • An answer in 48 hours
  • Less documentation

HFC Home Equity Loan

  • Access 100% of your home’s value (80% in Texas)
  • Consolidate debt
  • Pay off high-interest bills and lower your monthly payments

HFC Mortgage Refinance Loan

  • HFC mortgage has largest loan amount
  • Refinance your home AND pay off high-interest debt
  • Monthly savings
  • Consolidate debt
  • Fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage

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